Thank you to everyone that attended Ohayocon 2015!

From the staff, volunteers, vendors and artists to the guests and attendees, it’s the people that make Ohayocon the great event that it is each year.

We encourage all our attendees to leave feedback in our Feedback Forum. Tell us what you loved! Tell us what we can improve upon for next year! Please keep commentary clean and civil.

Stay tuned for announcements regarding Ohayocon 2016 as they become available.

It’s Almost Time!

Ohayocon is just a couple days away! We have a few last updates to post as we move into our first day of events.

The Signature Events page has been updated with descriptions, times, and locations for the Open Mic Night and Lolita Crush events.

The Accessibility Services Page has been updated with complete information about the services provided and how to obtain them.

–Ohayocon Webmaster

Calling all AMV fans!

The Ohayocon 15 AMV contest and exhibition list is now set. If you would like to get an idea on what you will see at Ohayocon (or if you are an editor who entered into the contest,) please click the link below for the official lists and other further announcements:


This list will be up even after con. The winners will be posted after con as well.

–Ohayocon AMV Dept

3 Day Voice Actor Workshop

Ever wonder what it takes to be a voice actor? Turn your Ohayocon convention weekend into a fully interactive voice actor experience. Bill Rogers and Greg Houser will be on hand for three specially designed workshops which will give you an inside look at the voice acting industry.
Each day of the Ohayocon weekend handles a new topic, and includes the following:

Friday: Audition workshop. Enjoy an authentic recreation of an animation audition. Watch actors perform sides in order to “land the role”.

Saturday: Scene study workshop. Actors that have made it past the audition phase will be given a scene to read with a partner, and will then be coached by industry professionals on ways to improve their performance.

Sunday: ADR workshop. The big show. Go inside a recreation of a dubbing session with a director and engineer as you watch our finalists create a vocal performance to be added to a piece of animation.

We invite all convention attendees to come and enjoy one, two or all three of our exciting workshops. Best of all, 18 participants will be selected to be our “actors” for the weekend. Want to be part of the magic? Send an email to BillAndGregVAworkshop@gmail.com and let us know if you will be available for all three workshops. Our lucky con-goers will be selected through a random lottery to participate in this fabulous event. You have until January 26th to send in your entry. Once selected, our participants will be contacted via email with more details about the event. Updates and additional info will also be posted:

On Twitter at: http://twitter.com/3dayVA
And Facebook at: http://facebook.com/3dayVA

****Remember, all three workshops are open to observe, but you must have availability open for ALL THREE EVENTS if you wish to be one of our select participants.****

Can’t make all three days? Don’t worry, we will still open the floor for audience Q&A at each session, plus there will be other fun audience participation events during the workshops.

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity. Events like this would normally cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. But if you are selected as one of our lucky participants, all you will need is your con badge and a willingness to learn from the pros.

Ohayocon Panel Challenge

Players – Are you up for a challenge? Well, here it is… OHAYOCON PANEL CHALLENGE

We at the Ohayocon University hereby challenge you to attend 10+ panels over the weekend to win prizes! We are not talking some little trinkets either! We will reveal the big SECRET prize right before con so you can see your goal!

You will unlock your achievement by doing the following

  • Attend 10 – 12 panels of your choice (Sorry- Concerts, Autographs, and Dances DO NOT count towards your total)
  • We would prefer for you to stay the entire panel; however, if you cannot, we understand. To get credit for the competition though, you need to stay through at least 20 minutes of a 1 hour panel or 45 minutes of a 2 hour panel.
  • When you exit the room, speak to the designated Live Events Representative (wearing a purple staff shirt) to punch your card
  • Once you have punched 10 – 12 panels, fill in your info and submit your card to the contest by visiting the Live Events room (Knox).

Winners will be chosen randomly from all valid entries in a drawing at the end of Closing Ceremonies. You need not be present to win! Winners will be contacted to let them know how claim their prizes.

Welcome to the New World – The Ohayocon University 3.0

With the launch of our schedule comes the launch of our new Schedule system powered by Grenadine.

Our schedule posted on the Ohayocon website and accessible on the Event Guide by Grenadine (the mobile app) is going live TONIGHT. The schedule can be updated at any point. Rest assured we will still be providing limited paper schedules available at all the Information Desks around the con.

Your schedule, your way:

Web Site - You can scroll through all the listed items and add events to your personal calendar to help you plan your day. Just print out your calendar or add it to your mobile calendar to keep track. You also have access to all the information on the web site.

FOLLOW: http://ohayocon.org/schedule/

Mobile app - offers you a chance to scroll the schedule and put items into your own personal schedule so you can make sure you get to the things you want to see. The mobile app allows you to read panel descriptions and learn more about the people who are presenting and you can see other panels and events he or she is part of. This is true for Guests of Honor and our Panelists!

To get your free copy of the mobile app:

– Apple App store: look under phone apps for Event Guide by Grenadine

-Google Play: Look for Event Guide by Grenadine or CLICK HERE

When you load the app you need to enter an event code on the front page and it will load.


Information Desk - Our friendly information folks will have copies of the schedule and are there to help you find your way around the con. They will have copies of the panel descriptions and will be able to help you find your way. Please remember, we are trying very hard to be green, so if you take a paper schedule, make sure you share, recycle and reuse!

Video Dept. Teaser

Just a teaser from the video department :)

Looking for something to watch at Ohayocon?

Throughout the weekend the Ohayocon Video rooms will have 2 premiers and 6 pre-release screenings from Funimation, 5 screenings from NIS America, and 1 screening from Sentai Filmworks.

Check the video schedule and make sure you stop by to catch them all!

Last Two Guests for 2015!

We have two last guests for this year’s event!

IMG_11810555285743Rob Mungle – Voice Actor

The (Reverend) Rob Mungle is no stranger to the anime industry. A veteran stand up comedian by trade, Rob was the very first actor ever hired by ADV Films, and appears in close to 200 different titles. From the Fun Loving (but very sad) Pedro in Excel Saga, to the foul-mouthed, demon possessed cat in Ghost Stories, he has been lucky to have some of the funniest roles in anime. Read More…

Brad Swaile (Headshot 2015)Brad Swaile – Voice Actor

Vancouver-born and raised, Brad began acting at a relatively young age and, once in high school, had his first audition for an animated series. This first voice acting gig took the form of a pony named “Ace” in My Little Pony Tales and soon afterwards, he landed his first anime role as “Mousse” in Ranma 1/2. Some of his more notable anime characters include: Light (Death Note), Amuro, Quatre, Dearka, Auel and Setsuna (on their respective Gundam series’ – from Mobile Suit to 00 ), Gohan (Dragon Ball Z), Rock (Black Lagoon), Ryuki (The Story of Saiunkoku), Kicker (Transformers: Energon) and Lan (Megaman: NT Warrior). Read More…

So who else is coming to Ohayocon 2015?


— Guest Relations

Cosplay Updates

Cosplay YouTube Channel: CLICK HERE

Cosplay and the Cosplay Gallery are now in new rooms A100 and A102 behind Subway in the food court and beside Chicken and Eggs in the food court.

At-Con registrations are on a first come, first served basis for the Masquerade. If you want to sign up, come to the Cosplay Room ready to go on at anytime. The sooner you come see us, the better chance you have at getting an appointment.

– Ohayocon Cosplay