AMV Contest 2017 Hiatus

Ohayocon knows that everyone loves anime music videos (AMVs) but the for 2017 the AMV contest and Iron Editor events will be taking a brief break.

Keep your eyes peeled on the video shcedule as we will try to slip some favorite AMV screenings in there so you don’t miss out!

Join us for improved and awesome AMV events in 2018!

Artist Alley Payment Extension

The deadline for accepted artists to pay for their Artist Alley table has been extended to 10/16/2016 at 11:55pm. Due to communication issues on our end, we want to make sure every artist has ample chance to pay for their table before we begin pulling people from the Wait List. If you have any questions or concerns, or have special circumstances that require an extension, please email for more information.

Thank you.

–Kat Smith // Artist Alley Coordinator

Lots of Updates!

A quick reminder that Artist Alley Applications close at 11:55pm on August 31st, so get your portfolio submitted if you wish to sell your art at Ohayocon 2017!

A lot of you have been asking, so here is the much-coveted Hyatt Passkey for Ohayocon:

For businesses who wish to sell goods at Ohayocon, the Vendor Application is now live here: LINK

Cosplayers! We have a photoshoot schedule available here: LINK

And finally, Pre-registration for Ohayocon 2017 will open later today! We know you’ve all been anxiously awaiting that!

Tourney and Open Play Requests

Greetings fellow gamers!

We in Ohayocon Gaming want your feedback as to which games will be offered for open play, as well as our tournament roster.

Here’s how this works. Put what games you’d like to have us run for tournaments this year. If it’s available for multiple systems, please also let us know what system you’d like it on. Each request counts as one vote, so no listing the same game multiple times (you know who you are). If it is a multiplayer type game, make sure that it is LAN supported.

Games that get the most votes make the roster.

Also, let us know what you’d like to see for open play. Retro? Racing? Other fighters? Music sims?


You can submit your requests here: LINKY

2017 Artist Alley Portfolio Submissions

Hey, everyone, Ohayocon Artist Alley Coordinator, here.

Ohayocon will be accepting Artist Alley applications from 12:00am EDT 8/18/2016 through 11:59pm EDT 8/31/2016 for our 2017 event. We will not begin reviewing applications until 9/1/2016. The review period will be between 1 and 2 weeks depending on the number of applications and any other obligations my jury members have.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Ohayocon Artist Alley jury process, portfolio guidelines, or the Artist Alley itself, please contact me at

Your question may also have already been answered on the forums – or in our Facebook group –

New Forums

Hey, all! The forums are being migrated directly onto the Ohayocon website!

What does this mean?

Well, for starters, if you had a login on the old forums, it won’t work anymore. You’ll need to register a new account here on the website in order to post in the new forums. It also means that we’re changing the way the forums interact with the main website, allowing us to highlight forum posts on the front page and direct link to specific posts with more ease. And lastly, this will allow you to comment directly on posts on the main page (for posts that have comments enabled.)

Currently said forums are looking pretty sparse, as we haven’t moved all the information over from the old forums. However! That doesn’t have to be the case! You can jump on board and get the conversations going!

To register for the new forums, just follow this link: Register for Forums