Accessibility Services

Ohayocon is happy to announce that Accessibility Services (OAS) is growing every year since its official start in 2009 after the idea was born in 2004! We have worked so hard for it to become reality and also proud to be able to provide it to the attendees of Ohayocon.

What is OAS?

Ohayocon Accessibility Services (OAS) is a group of convention volunteers who helps provide reasonable accommodations to people who require it while they are at the convention. Also, materials may be given such as large print by request along with American Sign Language interpreters. If you would like to use our services, please contact OAS at least 48 hours in advance of the convention with information on what services you would like to be utilized. For walk-ins, please check in with us. The staff will be on site at all times at the convention. The quickest way to reach any OAS staff is through SMS text via Google Voice which has shown to be effective since 2010.

What makes OAS unique?

Ohayocon Accessibility Services (OAS) was the first to be provided by Ohayocon in the Northeastern state of Ohio in 2009. No other conventions can lay claim to this but Ohayocon!

What Kind of Services are Provided?

Ohayocon Accessibility Services (OAS) provide:

  • Sign Language Interpreters
  • Large Print (by request)
  • Wheelchairs (must have ID)
  • Priority Seating

Inquiries can be sent to

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