The website is officially up to date as of 3/20/2018! It’s been a bit of a slow start but we can’t wait to fill it up with all the fun new things in store! Keep your eyes peeled for a list of conventions we’ll be marketing at and when we’re opening up pre-reg!

Hey Cosplayers!

Looking to spice up your cosplay reveal posts? We have you covered with these Ohayocon Official cosplay announcement frames! These frames are PNG files with transparency to make your reveal super easy to put together. Have fun!

Facebook Frame
Twitter Frame
Insta Frame

Don’t think you’ll get your dancing fill through Floor Wars, Club Ohayocon, or our Fantasy Ball? Ardent fan of Kpop and Jpop dance stylings? Well, buddy, do I have some fantastic news for you! Abracadabra Productions, in collaboration with Ohayocon, is bringing a Kpop and Jpop dance off straight to you! Think that sounds like fun? Want to show Ohayocon your moves? Follow the link below!

We’re thrilled to announce our first ever Floor Wars event is coming to Ohayocon 2018! This heart pounding dance battle event was widely popularized by the Furry Community and Ohayocon has officially caught the bug. So put on your favorite dancin’ gear, practice your moves, and step on up to the challenge at Ohayocon 2018!

Check out it’s event page for Rules and links to apply HERE!

Arimura Moha, creator of world beloved brand Same-Z, will be making his Debut in America at Ohayocon 2018! I could rattle off his accomplishments and prattle on about how excited we are to have him but frankly I think his work speaks for itself. I mean, have you SEEN his sharks!? SO CUTE!!!!

Seriously, check out his twitter.

Or his website!

Or, if you’re feeling frisky, check out his bio in the Industry Speakers Guest Page!