Pre-Registration for children 12 and younger

Children’s passes (children are classified as persons under the age of 13) are available with the purchase of an equivalent adult pass. For each adult pass purchased, you have the option of one free children’s pass.

In order to do this, REGISTER for one paid ticket at regular price, and check the box that says:
Will you be chaperoning a child, age 12 or younger?


After you have paid for your badge(s) via PayPal and returned to the Ohayocon website, you will need to EMAIL registration support with the following information:

Your registered name and id# as seen in the confirmation email you received from us.


Then list the full name, first and last, of the minor that you will be chaperoning, as well as an emergency contact number, which will only be used in case of a medical or legal emergency.

Please allow up to 24 hours for a reply.

You will receive an additional confirmation email with the registration code for your qualifying child pass. KEEP THIS INFORMATION FOR YOUR RECORDS.

When you arrive at the Ohayocon Pre-Registration Badge pickup line, you will simply need to show your State-issued picture ID and give your name as well as the name of your qualifying child.

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