Be a star!

Are you an expert geek? A notorious nerd? You can shine at Ohayocon! We depend on volunteer panelists to discuss anime- and geek-related topics and be the first source of entertainment our attendees turn to. We’re looking for the best in local panelists and can’t wait to see what you have to offer.

What are Ohayocon attendees interested in?

Ohayogoers come in all interests and passions and our panel variety aims to please! Surveys and feedback tell us that entertainment panels should make their sides split, educational panels should dive deep and explore advanced subjects, fandom panels should encourage discussion, and all panels should be interactive and fun. We welcome both Eastern and Western subjects, but anime, gaming, and Japanese culture will always be at the heart of our schedule.

What subjects are Ohayocon looking for?

For 2018, we’re hoping to see more specific subjects in our applications:

  • Superpowered (this year’s theme) – Get creative to talk about our favorite superpowered characters/shows.
  • Japanese history & culture – Modern or classic, we want more panels about this beloved island nation.
  • Workshops – Hands-on tutorials with takeaways are in demand. Remember you can charge up to $10 per person for supplies reimbursement.
  • Comedy – Whether it’s an improv act, a late night variety show, or a look into the weird world of fandom, we want more laughs.
  • Exercise Events – Whether it’s Zumba set to Kpop or a peaceful morning yoga session, we’d like to offer geeky workouts.
  • Advanced Education – Informational panels should dig deep or explore specific subjects inside the fandom.
  • Recent anime less than 5 years old – There’s not nearly enough love for newer anime, please love it more!
  • Panels covering nostalgic anime – Whether it’s the Toonami era or classic 70’s anime, our attendees love it.
  • Programming for kids, teens, and parents – Creative ideas for younger geeks and their parents are in need.
  • Shonen ai & Shoujo ai – and their 18+ rated counterparts are always in demand.
  • Horror video games – Always a big draw and never enough of them.

These are not the only panel subjects we’re accepting of course, but panels with these subjects are requested and not submitted often enough. Please submit whatever subjects you love and are close to your heart!

What’s the application process like?

After submitting your application to us, submissions will close October 31st. The panel team will send out confirmation emails by December 1st and at that point we can start the panel process. New panelists or panelists who want coaching will be invited to online workshops where your panel can be refined with the help of our panelist staffers. All approved panelists, up to four per application, will receive a comped badge; those who applied and are not selected will be able to buy a badge at the lowest pre-reg price of $45 while pre-reg is available.

More questions about applying? Check out some of our tutorial videos here to guide you through the process.

What should panelists expect at the con?

Accepted panelists will receive specific details about panelist check-in before the con, but generally you’ll go to Live Events to receive your panelist badge and wristband and get ready to perform. Panelists check in either in-person or online before each panel. Each room is equipped with projector, speakers, and microphones along with access to our on-site IT department to help with technical issues.

We’re excited to offer two new events specifically for panelists! During pre-reg check-in, Live Events will offer Thursday Night Panel Prep. This event is to get facetime between panelists and staff and offer an informal practice session to hammer out performance jitters and get advice from other panelists. On Friday, we’re offering the Panelist Party; an opportunity for the convention to thank its hard-working panelists and create fun and friendships.

What are Featured Panelists?

Every year, we reach out to exceptional panelists with proven performance at our or other conventions and ask for specific content in exchange for comped badges, advanced promotion, preferred scheduling, and other perks only they will find out about. Wow the audience, impress the staff, and you might get an invite for the following year.


Panel submissions are now closed for Ohayocon 2018. Panel acceptance/denial emails will be sent to all applicants by December 1st.

Potential panelists can still go to the rules page to find out more about panel logistics at Ohayocon.

If you have any questions, please email us at