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Events by Kick-Punch-QWOP

  • The Ohayocon Game Show! 2018 – You know it! You tolerate it! It’s the Ohayocon Game Show! Back for another year, we aim to entertain, titillate, and befuddle as we always do. Half You Don’t Know Jack, half Jeopardy!, and half remedial math tutoring classes, the Ohayocon Game Show is an insane mix of questions that span the anime’s past, present…and future?! (No.) If you’re interested in playing the game show, be sure to fill out a quiz earlier in the day to see if you qualify! But hey, even the audience can win prizes, so if you didn’t qualify, stick around!
  • The Ohayocon Game Show! 2018 Qualification Quiz – If you’re interested in being on the Ohayocon Game Show later this evening, come take the qualification quiz. It’ll take five or ten minutes, so visit anytime during this hour to fill one out. And if you think you did awful and won’t make the cut, don’t worry! Even random bystanders can win big prizes during the show, so come check it out!
  • The Weirdest Games You’ve Never Played 8: HGTV’S QWIP or QWOP? – Are they always good? No. Are they always weird? Absolutely. Come take a look at some of the most bizarre titles in video gaming history. This year, we’ll dip our toes into the Dreamcast, PC, 3DO, and many more systems across gaming’s history! We’ll be uncovering some games that you can talk about at dinner parties with people to impress/confuse them. As always, 100% new content every year!
  • QWOPWatch: Super Mario Brothers The Movie – Where we discuss how garbage gets made. This year: the US 1993 Super Mario Brothers film! How does it compare to the video game? Why was this the worst job Bob Hoskins ever had? WERE there dinosaurs in Brooklyn?! Join us for a roundtable, freeform discussion about the movie that made Siskel & Ebert’s prestigious “worst of the year” list!
  • Metagame: Subtitle To Be Announced – Which game had a better soundtrack, Jet Set Radio or SSX3? Which game made you feel more in control, Kingdom Hearts or Madden 2015? Which game is simply superior, Chrono Trigger or Gears of War? Join us this weekend as we answer all these questions and more at The Metagame! The first/last/only/best video game debate panel arrives to Ohayocon and our hosts are ready to settle schoolyard disputes as they go toe to toe in a game, ABOUT games. With a limited pool of titles our competitors must select a title that best answers a particular question, and then they are given two minutes to support their answer through debate, an impassioned speech, and even one time, interpretive dance. After our pros settle the score the audience will be invited to go head to head with our hosts, or each other! Don’t just have opinions about games, be proven right in front of an entire audience!
  • MUGEN Fight Club – Who would win in a fight between Goku and Chun-Li? Naruto and SSJ4 Goku? Tom Hanks and Ronald McDonald? We’ve got the simulation to help you find out. Vote on your favorite winners, listen to the running color commentary, and, if you’re lucky, get to play in this Tournament of the Gods.
  • Try This On! – You friendly stylists at Kick-Punch-QWOP analyze the hit anime of the moment and advise you to try on something new. So you like Attack on Titan: what other anime would be up your alley? You enjoy Yuri on Ice: what American shows would you like? You enjoy Space Brothers: which Smash Brothers character should you start with? One Punch Man is your jam: which piece of IKEA furniture needs to be in your living room? Come ready to take some notes and try a new thing on!

Events by The Long-Lost Weekend Boys

  • Celebrity Competitive Fandubbing (18+) – Join our guests as they do their very best to compete in this hilarious gameshow event! Split up in to teams, our Voice Actors, along with volunteer audience members, have to create their own voice-over interpretation of an animation clip. You’ve never heard a fandub like this before! Event is ages 18+, for language and suggestive themes. THIS IS A NO-FILMING EVENT. The use of cameras, video recorders, or cell phones of any kind will not be permitted within this event.
  • IRON PANELIST!!!!!!!! – Two teams enter. One team leaves. Create quality paneling on-the-fly, with a twist. The ULTIMATE panelist showdown. Who will be crowned.. Tetsu no Panelist?????
  • Cosplay Triathlon –  It’s the day of the con and you still haven’t decided what you want to cosplay!! Better work fast if you want to have a cosplay in time! Round 1: Make the cosplay. Round 2: In Character Q&A. Round 3: Coming home from the con. Teams of audience members compete to see who can best create their last-minute cosplay, and who will be the new star of the con floor.

Events by Abracadabra

  • K-Pop, J-Pop, and Anime Dance Cover Performance – Abracadabra is a K-Pop, J-Pop and Anime dance cover group from the Cleveland area, bringing the hottest dance moves to Ohayocon this year. Many Asian pop culture fans don’t have the ability to just hop over to Asia to see their favorite groups perform live, so Abracadabra’s mission is to bring the performance right into their own backyard! Sit back, relax, get loud, and enjoy the show!
  • KPop and Jpop You’ve Never Heard of but Need to Know – Nugu, or ‘who?’ is a common term used in the K-Pop fandom, a ‘nickname’ given to groups so unpopular that no one knows who they are! Being big fans of the Unsung Heroes, Abracadabra brings a large list of some of the most deserving lesser-known groups who really need a bit more love! Stay on your toes, though, there may be a few K-Pop and J-Pop groups that can get a little weird.
  • The Iconically Dark Side of K-Pop and J-Pop – Behind the perfect image our favorite idols portray is a deep and dark story of how they were able to debut. In a music industry like no other, you’re bound to get one of a kind stories of what to be an idol. From slave contracts, to adult films, Abracadabra has stories to tell. Have some of your own? We wanna hear them!
  • K-Pop and J-Pop Dance Cover Workshop – Abracadabra is determined to make YOU the best dancer you can be! Come have fun with this energetic dance cover workshop, and learn a few moves you may not have known, and show off all those awesome new dances to all your friends! Be prepared to learn to dance anything from Vocaloid to Big Bang!
  • Crazy Dance Cover Challenge – Wanna take your Kpop and Jpop cover dancing to the next level? Abracadabra has the solution for you. Think you can do your favorite dance on one foot? How about without moving your joints? 
  • Dance Cover Contest – Show off your best dance moves to be crowned Queen or King of Dance! 

Events by Insert Witty Title Here

  • Whose Line Is It Anime? – Do you like improv? Do you like anime? Do you wanna find out what happens when you mix them together? Join Insert Witty Title Here to find out! Everything is made up on the spot and taken from suggestions given by the audience – so bring your ideas and get ready to laugh until you cry!
  • Whose Line Is It Anime? After Dark (18+) – Do you like improv? Do you like anime? Do you wanna find out what happens when you mix them together? Join Insert Witty Title Here to find out! Everything is made up on the spot and taken from suggestions given by the audience – so bring your ideas and get ready to laugh until you cry!
  • The Great Improv Experiment – The point DO in fact matter this time around. We play the same games you know and love, but this time, we get to wheel and deal in punishment. From spicy chips, to mouse traps, to Nerf rockets, join Insert Witty Title Here as we venture into the night with laughter, dirty jokes, and pain!
  • Intro to Improv – Insert Witty Title Here has decided to pull back the veil and show the inner workings of what we do. From our history and personal backgrounds, to the idea of Yes And. we will teach you the secrets of how we do what we do so you can do what we can do!
  • Baka’s Dirty Laundry – The glove has been thrown and it is an all out war. Insert Witty Title Here is at each others’ throats ready to let air out all the secrets we don’t tell anyone. You be the judge of who wins in the improv duel to the death!

Events by A Slap on Titan

  • Implausible Fanfiction (18+) – Enjoy an evening of hilarity as the cast of A Slap on Titan brings to life six ridiculous, utterly bizarre fanfics hidden across the Internet. These talented comedians will shock and awe you with dramatic readings, deranged sock puppets, live dinosaurs and more! Your soul will never be the same.
  • Slap on Titan: The Lost Episode (18+) – Way back in the yesteryear of 2014, the showrunners of both Slap on Titan and Girls Und Panzer Abridged collaborated to create the ultimate anime parody crossover. While the episode never made it to fruition, we knew it was too good to keep hidden forever. Come for a live re-enactment and marvel at the outright insanity of this comedy masterpiece!
  • Madlibs They Warned You About (18+) – Come fill in the blanks and then listen as the Slap On Titan crew brings your deranged stories to life right before your eyes! Questionable heroes?  Inappropriate humor? Add your zaniness to the mix and watch the madness unfold!

Events by Anime Hell

  • Anime Hell (18+) – An Ohayocon late-night mainstay returns for another metric buttload of weirdness and hilarity: see old faves and new things with the crowd! Anime Hell is a collection of carelessly–errrr–CAREFULLY cultivated video clips processed for your pleasure. (May contain less than 10% actual anime)
  • Anime Hell Classic (18+) – Do the names Heino, Hard Gay and Segata Sanshiro fill you with joy or dread (or both)? Do you know the Fish Fight dance? Whether you’re an Anime Hell veteran or a newcomer, join us as we take a trip down the Fury Road of Memory Lane with timeless clips from past Anime Hell events.