Con Swap

Let’s work together

We get it — marketing is challenging, especially in a volunteer-run industry. Since budgets keep getting smaller, and every dollar counts more than ever, we have another option if you’re a geek convention like us: the Con Swap Program.

We’re interested in trading ad space, exhibit hall table space, hotel rooms, per diems, and other non-cash amenities in exchange for the same at your event. Trading spaces means we get to share time at each other’s events not only to advertise, but also to learn from each other and see what’s going on in the convention world. It’s a great weekend out, and we’d love to do it with you.

Ohayocon has a special location for conventions that are also in Ohio, which is more visible and in easier view of all the attendees. This way, we help grow the convention scene especially in our own state. But don’t worry if you’re from far away: we have great spaces in our dealers room for you as well.

Want to get started? We do too.