Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for checking out the FAQ. If you still need to contact us, please submit our contact form.
When does pre-registration open?
I didn't get an email confirmation. How do I pick up my pre-registration badge?
Don’t worry, we do have your information on file. Your PayPal receipt and email address that you used to register with are acceptable backup information. If you can bring a paper copy with you, all the better. The convention center does not have printing facilities available.
I don't remember whether I preregistered. How can I check?
Check your PayPal account. You should see a payment listed in your history. If not, you may still ask, but it will likely take several business days for us to respond to that question. We thank you for your patience.
Why do I have to wear these wristbands?
We know they’re a hassle, and we are sorry. As explanation, let us break down what they’re for, and how much control we have over them.

The Hyatt requires us to use their registration vendor, and their vendor requires us to use wristbands. The Hyatt wants accurate attendance numbers, and this is part of our contract with them.

If you are a Hyatt guest, you also get a guest wristband for these reasons:

  • The Hyatt wants to ensure only paid, registered guests have access to the guest tower. As a special deal for us, they increase the guest-per-room limit from four to six.
  • Key cards are too easy to pass to a non-guest.
  • The Hyatt has had trouble with a few irresponsible attendees in the past, and this is a way for us to maintain our business relationship.

The Hyatt wristbands are non-negotiable, and we do not decide whether to use them.

We are aware that the registration vendor’s wristbands do come with their flaws:

  • We know some of you are allergic to the material in the wristband. We apologize and would like to let you know we’re working on a solution.
  • We know the normal wristbands are ugly and ruin cosplays. We offer a limited number of clear ones at a $5 upcharge. This is because they cost $5 more to produce.
  • The wristbands probably promote bacteria growth.
  • If the wristband breaks, we have no way to replace it or reimburse you.

If you have any questions or concerns that we did not address here, please feel free to send us a message.

Does Ohayocon have room blocks at other hotels than the Hyatt?
At the moment, no, but given the large amount of requests for these, we are considering options for 2019.
May I suggest a guest speaker or appearance?
Yes, but we generally will not respond. It’s not that we don’t like you, it’s just that we receive many solicitations per week and most of the time it’s agents’ trying to sell us someone we never wanted in the first place. To make up for this, we occasionally survey our paid attendees to see if they want anyone in particular to visit Ohayocon.
When can I apply for Dealers Room or Artist Alley space?
Dealers: The application period is over, but we look forward to hearing from you next year!
Artists: The application period is over, but we look forward to hearing from you next year!
Can I wear this?
Thank you for asking. Please read our public safety policies and cosplay rules. If you still have questions, feel free to send us a message.
Can I take photographs? Can I sell them? Can I set up a photo booth?
Please feel free to take commemorative photos for your own enjoyment. You are free to share your pictures in the manner of your choosing, but you are on your own regarding the appearances of individuals in your photos. (That is, we are not giving you permission to share photos of anyone in particular, and if there is a dispute with someone wanting you to remove a picture with them, that’s between you and them.) The hallways of the hotel and convention center are public space, and releasing any photo taken from a public space is ethical.

We do not permit you to sell photographs, raw or edited, at or during Ohayocon. You risk forfeiting your admission if you do so. After the convention and off-premises, we do not care as long as you are not using our branding or image and you are not telling people that your photos are “official” or that you work(ed) for Ohayocon.

We prohibit you from setting up photo booths unless you have an agreement with us in advance, and we will likely refer you to our Dealers Room staff so you can negotiate purchasing vendor space. At-con photography is generally not considered for Artist Alley. If you have any questions about our policy, please send us an email.

Can I take official photos and give (or sell) them to you after the convention?
Thank you for your interest in Ohayocon. We are not accepting solicitations for photography contractors. However, we may have room for staff photographers who can also write PR and marketing copy and do graphic design. The Editors™ are making an Organization-wide Photograph Scavenger Hunt this year, and you are invited to apply for a staff position and take part in the “fun.”
Do you accept submissions for maid cafes?
We do not. We do not wish to offer maid cafes as an activity at Ohayocon.
What happened to the forums?
We have permanently discontinued our forums. There are several reasons for this:

  • there have been fewer than 20 forum users in the last three years,
  • most questions are now submitted to us via email or Facebook message,
  • we do not check the forums often enough for it to be a positive customer service experience,
  • we have been the victim to hundreds of spam posts by spam bots,
  • forums on WordPress are historically bad, and the creator of bbPress has seriously argued with users and contributors that his software is perfect and needs no further adjustments, and people who want anything better should do it themselves, so we are.

There are multiple ways of contacting us, and we think they’re all much more popular than old-fashioned forums.

Finally, we are playing with the idea of program-based online focus groups. For example, if you want to network with cosplayers and also advise us about cosplay at Ohayocon, we’d have a Facebook group for that, etc. It’s a thought experiment for now, but some of us are pushing for it to happen.