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    Kat Smith

    TThe following is a list of rules to which an artist must adhere while operating within the Alley. The Art Coordinators reserve the right to institute further restrictions on-site as needs arise.

    While in the Alley, all convention rules as well as local, state, and federal laws will apply. If an artist breaks any convention rules, they will be dealt with accordingly. If an artist breaks any laws, they must expect to have to deal with police and possible prosecution.

    All artists will be required to prominently display their badges when occupying their space.

    The original artist must be present at the convention and participating IN the Alley, for their work to be displayed. This allows for registered assistants and guardians to operate a space for their artist. However, a registered artist may not display or sell works of an artist not present at Ohayocon and registered with the Alley. This means that an artist may not operate in the Alley as a “stand-in” for an artist not present at Ohayocon as a registered artist in the Alley. Additionally, members of an art studio may not sell or display the work of other members of their studio not present at Ohayocon as registered artists in the Alley. For example, a studio with 5 total members has two present as registered artists in the Alley. They may not sell the work of the other three members of the studio.

    The artist is not permitted to resell their space, in whole or part, to a second party. The artist may not give away his/her table space to another artist.

    The venue is a smoke, alcohol, and drug free environment. All such substances are strictly forbidden.

    No weapons, either real or prop, are allowed in the Alley. This includes the artist’s personal Cosplay props. If the artist has a prop weapon and is going to be part of a Cosplay troupe, running a Cosplay panel/workshop, or participating in the Cosplay contest, they MUST cheque the prop in with the Art Coordinators.

    No running, screaming, yelling, rough housing, sparring, fighting, or use of excessive obscene language will be tolerated. This applies for attendees as well as the artist.

    No equipment or supplies that will produce noxious fumes or excessive noise are permitted. These include things like t-shirt presses, soldering irons, fixatives, epoxies, etc. Each artist must respect the rights, health, and comfort of the people around them.

    No raffles or auctions will be permitted.

    The artist is not permitted to use their Alley space as a coat check, or any other paid service not pertaining to their art.

    No sleeping in the Alley.

    Once Alley hours are over, the artist must vacate their space until the Alley opens again.

    Any Artist accepting commissions requiring a live model during Alley hours must conduct these commissions in a manner which does not disrupt attendees, staff operations or fellow artists. Live models should be placed so as to not interfere with the flow of traffic or the space and operations of other artists.

    No hawking. Anyone using any unclaimed space without the permission of the Art Coordinators will immediately be removed. This includes setting up shop, displaying advertisements (flyers, signs, pamphlets), and loitering anywhere within the Alley.

    All displays must be secured and stable.

    No element of an artist’s display may extend higher than eight feet from the floor.

    The artist may not display outside of their designated space.

    No outside tables are permitted by the venue. Display hardware may be incorporated in an artist’s space, but additional tables of any size are not permitted.

    No tape, staples, glue, any adhesives, gum, boogers, bodily fluids, or tacks on the walls, columns, floor, or ceiling. The use of any display which could cause harm to the venue space is prohibited.

    The Alley now contains many table spaces situated near the glass half-wall surrounding the balcony. Absolutely nothing will be allowed to be placed on or against this glass wall. This includes, but is not limited to, banners, signs, shelves, wire racks, tables, or other display elements.

    Music will be permitted but the volume kept at an acceptable level. Keep in mind that the Artist Alley is located right above the Dealer’s Room so everything will be noisy as is. Also, make sure the music selection conforms to a PG-13 rating. If anyone complains about the music, the artist will be asked to turn it off. No second warnings.

    The Alley is a “Closed Alley” which means it will be locked down. However, Ohayocon and the venue are not responsible for anything lost or stolen from the artist’s space.

    Artists are to be respectful of the other artists in the Alley. Attempts to vulture sales, disrupt business, or bad mouth fellow artists will not be tolerated.

    Please be kind and clean up your table and space when closing.

    While in the Alley, the artist is expected to act in a manner which is safe and respectful of the rights of the people around them, including other artists, attendees, venue employees, and staff.

    No yelling at or to the customer.

    All items sold at the table must be made/drawn BY the artist.

    No sexual advances or requests for sexual activity or other unwelcome verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature in lieu of money for items being sold.

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    Stephanie Strope

    I wasn’t quite sure where to post my question so thought I would try here. If you are selected to participate in next years AA is there a way to request to not be placed by the glass wall? I don’t remember seeing anything like that on the application and I wanted to check. I’m afraid of heights and on the off chance I was chosen I would prefer not to be by it.


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