Official Ohayocon Group TOS

Below you will find the general guidelines for using our Facebook social group:

  1. No posting advertisements for contests, groups, or events(this means conventions as well) that are not Ohayocon sponsored.
  2. Be Civil to each other..if something you posted got deleted.. know that the comments section became a battle ground and the entire post was removed.
  3. No Prices; Ohayocon doesn’t endorse any one photographer or business. Only businesses in our dealers room are allowed to post links to their businesses on our page and even then. No prices.
  4. No Un-vetted Go Fund Me’s (this is expanded to Kickstarters as well as other selling spam)
  5. No Spam.if we see the same post more than once we will delete it, warn you and if it happens again ban you.
  6. If you think that person posting about sunglasses is a bot..please let us know.
  7. Please do not promote an event on our page with a banner or poll. If you mention it in a post tastefully we are most likely to let it slide. Otherwise it’s deleted.
  8. Just have fun..Ok?

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