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Welcome Parents to the Ohayocon Webpage

What are we?

We are an anime convention. What is anime? Anime is Japanese animation, for the most part.

Who comes to the convention?

People of all ages. Families and school groups also attend. Most of whom are fans of anime in general or of one anime show or movie in particular.

What is there to do at the convention?

We have panels, gaming, special guests autograph sessions, dances, costume competition, dealers room, artist alley and many others activities.


These are the primary part of the convention. They have a number of different types and genres. Some focus on anime, others on related interests such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, and other science fiction and fantasy.


We have multiple types of gaming. Console gaming such as PS3, Wii and XBox One. All of which we have tournaments for different games and the winning player get a prize. As well as movement gaming similar to Dance Dance Revolution where you dance to a particular step to win.

We also have table top gaming, where attendees can play card games and board games of all kinds.

Lastly, we have Shadowrun, which is similar to D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) with dice, where you use a character sheet and roll dies to determine if you defeat a foe.

Dealers Room & Artist Alley

In these 2 large rooms, we have 50+ dealers and artists from all over who provide anime, plushies (stuffed animals), wall scrolls (posters made of fabric), manga (anime books in black and white), video games, music, and anime memorabilia of all kinds – school bags, towels, pillows, etc. That is just scratching the surface of what is offered. Some Artists will also do commissions, where they will sketch your likeness or your favorite character’s likeness in a particular pose or costume or with other characters. There are also new stories being written all of the time and a lot of times they come and feature them at our con.

Special Guests

Ever year we invite¬†guests from within the field of anime, such as voice actors, artists, directors, etc. They all have autograph sessions for fans, as well as group panels where attendee’s can ask questions or listen to stories and other information.


This is one of our signature events that happens each year. It is very popular among our attendees. It features a number of different DJs and mixes of music. There are almost always st>

Costume Competition – The Ohayocon Cosplay Expo

This is another signature event that is also very popular drawing in crowds by the hundreds. Each year fans dress up like their favorite characters from anime shows, movies, and/or video games. They register to compete in our competition prior to convention weekend. Then, during the convention they are judged at some point prior to Saturday night’s main event, The Ohayocon Cosplay Expo.

There are 2 main parts of the Cosplay Expo. First is Performance, where Cosplay characters put on a short usually comedic sketch or perform musical acts for the audience. The second part of the event is the Cosplay Fashion Show, where participants now exhibit themselves to the audience. The details and sometimes size of these handmade costumes are impressive works of art to be seen. At the end of the exhibit, the judges award the winning costumes and performances.

Typical Day at the Convention

See some panels
Take pictures of some great Cosplay costumes
Get their picture taken with some great Cosplayers
Find new anime to watch when they get home
Hang out with friends
Go to the dealers hall and artist alley – buy a couple of items from both
Go play some games in game room
Learn something new about an anime that they love
Go to the dance for a bit
Make new friends from all over the country

Where to get food?

There is a food court on site and the North Market is just across the street behind a strip of business.
The food court is very packed and usually takes 20-40 minutes just to get food if you choose to eat at the traditional times, with the exception of maybe breakfast, as a lot of attendees stay up late and then sleep in.
North Market is a great alternative, despite also being busy, they don’t take quite as long to get food and there is more variety for those who like to try something new.

Start and end time for the weekend

We start as early as 8am on Friday and end no later than 5pm on Sunday. If the attendee preregistered, they can pick up their badge at registration on Thursday night.

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