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Cosplay Photoshoot Policies

Set Up & Clear Down


To keep things on schedule, Shoot Captains/Co-Captains should arrive at their designated photoshoot locations 5 minutes PRIOR to the shoot to organize any photographers and participants in the photoshoot as they show up. This is so that the shoot can begin promptly at the scheduled start time.

Shoot Captains/Co-Captains should remain aware of how much time is left in their shoot and start wrapping up at 5 minutes until the end of the shoot.

Ultimately, Shoot Captains/Co-Captains are responsible for the state of the photoshoot area and it is expected that the location be left as it was found. It is encouraged that all participants assist in the cleanup of their photoshoot location as to make the process go faster.

Scheduled Shoot Priority


In the event that a photoshoot location has down time between scheduled shoots, attendees are free to utilize these areas for random photo ops. However, remember to be respectful of any scheduled shoots. Once it is time for a scheduled shoot to begin, that group has priority to use that location and it is expected that anyone not participating in the theme of that shoot is to leave the area. Failure to comply will result in Security or the Ohayocon Response Team (ORT) removing you from the area.

A link containing the Times and Locations will be available on the Ohayocon Website and Official Ohayocon Photoshoots group on Facebook.

Be Courteous and Respectful


Please observe the Personal Interaction Policy, as well as all other policies, outlined in the Cosplay Rules.

If you are attending a photoshoot, please be courteous to other participants and photographers; do not block shots, do not touch items or equipment that does not belong to you, do not be loud and/or obnoxious to anyone.

Please be respectful to your Shoot Captains/Co-Captains and follow their direction throughout the photoshoot. They have volunteered their time to organize this shoot and everyone wants it to go as smoothly as possible.

If you disagree with the way the shoot is being run or do not feel comfortable with the set up for a particular photo op, you have every right to exclude yourself from any part of the photoshoot without retaliation.

Feel free to bring any and all feedback to the Cosplay Feedback Panel on Sunday or fill out our feedback form post con.

No Solicitation


Unless you are an authorized Dealer’s Room or Artist Alley Vendor, attendees are not permitted to sell services or wares of any kind on the premises of the convention. If it’s found that you are selling or attempting to sell anything during photoshoots (i.e. prints, CDs, etc.), you will be given ONE (1) warning to stop. Further violations can, and will, result in your badge being pulled and you will be removed from the convention. So, let’s avoid this all together.

*NOTE: Business cards are the only acceptable form of promoting permitted during photoshoots, as long as you are asked for one.

Photoshoot Captain/Co-Captain


Filling out the Photoshoot Submission Form indicates that you are requesting space for a scheduled photoshoot during the convention and that you are taking on the role as Shoot Captain.

Anyone under the age of 16 submitting for Shoot Captain will be REQUIRED to have a Co-Captain to assist with the photoshoot. Otherwise, Co-Captains are not required, though if you have a Co-Captain, please inform the Cosplay Staff prior to the photoshoot.

Shoot Captains/Co-Captains must be present during their photoshoots. If anything comes up that will prevent you from attending the shoot, you must inform a Cosplay Coordinator as soon as possible.

Shoot Captains are expected to show the utmost respect towards their participants and run their photoshoot professionally without bias towards photographers, participants and regardless of what participant’s choice of character for cosplay. People will be showing up to participate with other fans of the Theme/Series and should have just as much equal involvement as anyone else. Where you have final say on the different photo ops that will take place, be open to request by participants and photographers; use your best judgement.

Photoshoot Submission Process


BEFORE registering, please read all the documentation. YOU are responsible for reading and understanding this information prior to submission. If you have questions regarding any of this, please contact the Cosplay Coordinator.

Online submissions will open September 1st – December 31st. All Submission Forms MUST be received no later than 11:59PM EST on December 31. Links to the forms are available on the Ohayocon Website and Official Ohayocon Photoshoots group on Facebook.

You must indicate the Theme/Series of the shoot and estimated number of attendees who will be participating in the shoot. This will allow us to identify the ideal time and location for your shoot.

Shoot Captains will electronically submit a Photoshoot Submission Form. Once a form is received, an email will be sent with notification confirmation of when and where their shoot will take place. Your photoshoot will not be on the final schedule until the time has been acknowledged and confirmed. To access Registration Forms, please use the links provided. If for any reason the links are not working please email a Cosplay Coordinator.

Last updated July 31, 2017

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