Programming/Live Events Info

Live Events-
Live Events covers all the exciting things to see and do at Ohayocon. We host panels, events, concerts, dances, workshops and more. We also run all the cosplay, video programming and the AMV contest as well. Take some time, explore the schedule and stop by see everything we have to offer.

Lolita Crush-
Are you a Lolita? Want to learn more about them? Come join us at Lolita Crush, our annual Lolita Tea Party on Saturday morning. The theme this year will celebrate games and fun and all things Loli. We may even have a few surprises in store, but you will certainly find lots of Lolitas, fun crafts, games, and more.

Pajama Jam-
A super fun cosplay Pajama Party. Come as your favorite character or just in your PJs for games, shenanigans and the popular “sleepy time cosplay” contest. We will play fun games, gab a while and have a great time before bed (or maybe the dance, whatever)

Join us again for another year of amazing cosplays as we host the 2017 Ohayocon Cosplay Expo! Kicking things off with the Expo Performance competition, enjoy skits and musical acts performed by our talented competitors. Then watch participants parade across our stage showing off their stunning outfits in our Craftsmanship Fashion Show followed by the award ceremony for our competition winners.

Want to compete? No problem! Pre-register online between September 1st-December 31st or come down to cosplay registration and enter at con in to be judged on your hard work and compete for the best in show! But get there fast; judging time slots are limited!

In addition to the Expo-Performance and Expo-Craftsmanship categories, we will also have Original Design, the Official Ohayocon Lindsay Look Alike competition, and our newest category to date; Universal Cosplay where we will open up judging for cosplays that do not fall into any of our other categories. As well as our Hallway awards for cosplayers of all skills and genres.

Looking to get pictures of some of your favorite character cosplays? Are you arriving in cosplay to get some terrific photo ops by others? The Cosplay Department will, for the second year, be organizing the Ohayocon Cosplay Photoshoots in various dedicated spaces throughout the convention!

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