1) Be sure to get six hours of sleep. Drink plenty of fluids. Eat a solid meal and take a bath once a day.

2) Please be kind a courteous to your fellow attendees, guests, dealers, and staff at all time. Disruptive behavior is not allowed.

3) Please treat the Columbus Convention Center and the Hyatt Hotel facilities with respect. Anyone who vandalizes or damages the Convention Center or Hyatt properties will be responsible for repair or replacement. Vandalism includes putting hotel furniture or other hotel property into the elevator.

4) Please keep the hallways and walkways clear. Do not block any exits, staircases, or doorways.

5) Ohayocon strictly adheres to federal, state and local laws at the convention. Smoking and drugs are prohibited in the convention center and the hotel. Cigarette and cigar smoking is allowed outdoors in designates smoking areas. No public nudity. No alcohol, if you are under 21.

6) Revealing or inappropriate attire is prohibited. We ask attendees to wear appropriate attire at all times.
7) Please make sure your wristband is showing at all times. Wristbands allow you entrance into Ohayocon events. If you do not have your wristband, we reserve the right to refuse entry to any Ohayocon events.

8) Disabled persons, others with special needs, staff, and Ohayocon guests of honor are not required to stand in line for any event room or panel.

9) Ohayocon staff reserves the right to revoke your convention membership and eject anyone, at any time, from the convention without a refund.

10) If you bring your children to the con, please keep an eye on them. Even more importantly, please make sure your family or group knows where to go should you become separated. Take a moment and work out a system, and everyone will be happier afterwards.

11) Please follow the instructions of the Ohayocon staff and security team, hotel security, and the Columbus PD. If you do not comply with their instructions, you may be removed from the convention center or hotel.

12) Lines for popular events are a fact of life. Try to get to the more popular events early. But do not line up too early for an event. Doing so often creates a fire hazard and if that happens, you will be asked to move.

13) Don’t panhandle, solicit, or beg for anything from the people around you. Doing so is illegal.

14) Please be polite and turn off your cell phone in panels and video rooms.

15) Please ask questions to the Ohayocon staff and Info Desk. We are here to help you and will help you as best we can.

16) Programming and schedules have a habit of changing without a great deal of notice. While we realize that it can be annoying to you, the attendees, it does happen. Hopefully, it won’t happen at this con. You subscribe to our twitter feed for schedule updates by texting “follow ohayocon” to 40404.

17) For the safety of our attendees, we ask that you do not wear leashes around your neck. We know that everyone wants to be a Catgirl or Catboy, but please DO NOT wear a leash around your neck. If you are found wearing one, you will be asked to remove it.

18) Ohayocon has also banned the sale and possession of any type of paddle. If an Ohayocon staffer sees you with a paddle, you will be asked to put the paddle back in your room. If you are found to have the paddle again, your paddle will be confiscated and not returned.

19) If this is your first anime convention, you might want to read through the program guide and schedule and check off the things you want to visit first. If you have brought children to our event, please go thru the schedule with them to make sure that what they are wanting to see if it’s appropriate for their age group. The more adult titles are scheduled later in the evening, but it never hurts to be sure. Should you have a question about a particular event or video offering, please consult with our Info Desk and someone should be able to offer specific guidance to you.

20) There will be guest signings, but please limit the stuff you bring and the amount of the guest’s time you take up whenever possible. Be polite and courteous and let the people behind have a chance to meet the guests, too.

21) If you have any problems, questions, or concerns, please contact an Ohayocon staffer. They will do their best to assist you. If they are unable to do so, they will be more than happy to direct you to someone that can help you.

22) No carry on objects are allowed within the 10 pm Dances. An Item Drop is available at the top of the steps where we will secure your object and those in your group for the duration of the dance. We will stay open 1 hour after the close of the dance and if your items are not picked up they will be taken to Lost and Found with the tag still attached.

23) Strollers are no longer allowed within the Dealers Room. There is space outside the entrances of the dealers area for you to store your strollers. We will have staff in the area watching them. MP 8/25/13

24) A State-Issued Photo ID is required to pick up Pre-registration badges/wristbands.

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