“Hi I’m MADDØG! Female DJ/music producer and lover of all things dance music. Atlanta born and Florida/Chicago/Detroit/Indiana raised, my father coined me as “The Maddog” at an early age. Since I was a little girl I’ve looked up to creative women for inspiration, confidence and personal power. Some of these women include Madonna, Janet Jackson, and heavy house hitters like Ya Kid K. 
Its always very important to me that the crowd is entertained and energized. The space is essential to that. My shows are a mixture of audio and visual art mediums. I combine music with mood lighting, film, and fashion. Very excited to be a part of Ohayocon this year!
The ultimate goal of my career it is to do what very few women have done successfully. I wish to tap into a male dominated music genre where there are no Madonna’s or Beyonce’s paving the way creatively. A music genre known for habitually over-sexualizing women and where women are rarely taken seriously as musicians. I want to create and perform music that hopefully inspires others. I want to prove that women have a creative place in electronic music other than being superficially attractive or second-rate DJs.”
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