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It takes a dedicated volunteer staff of all ages to make the convention function each year.

Updated 12/18/2015

Introducing the new Kohai Junior Staffer program. Details below.

How To Become a Staffer.

What is Expected of me?

Staffers are expected to show up on time and do what is asked of you, within reason, without complaint. 

Staffers need to have a photo ID and be willing to work 25+ hours at the event on FridaySunday.

Most staffers are given the option to work a certain shift, morning, afternoon, or late night. Some work all day, with multiple breaks, so that everything is covered. Usually you can request off to go see 2-3 events/panels(for the whole weekend- not per day) that you really want to see or do. But not every request can be honored. We sometimes ask that you work an event so that you can see it as well. Please be aware that we are not required to give you time off to go see or do a specific event at the convention while staffing.

Staffing requires a lot of time, energy and effort. But if you like logistics or have gotten board with just attending the convention, I highly recommend that you try your hand at staffing.

Most staff work Thursday night to Sunday night, to help unload equipment from the storage space, set up the departments on Thursday and then tear down and put back everything back into storage come Sunday.

This is also a great opportunity for parents to stay busy while their children are attending.

Where to apply?

Follow this link: https://form.jotform.com/61987548965176

You will be required to provide a reference if you are new to staffing.

New Junior Staffer program: Kohai


Ohayocon Kohai is Ohayocon’s 2016 volunteer experience for high school and higher education students. You’ll work alongside us (your Senpais) in various parts of our convention such as (but not limited to) Live Events, Gaming, and Vendors Hall. After 25 hours you’ll receive a T-shirt and have the cost of your badge reimbursed. So skip the “Going Home Club” and help out senpai!

Kohai Information and Application

Are there any Benefits?

Benefits to approved Staffers include a Hotel room that you share with up to 5 other staffers (so 6 staffers to room), dinner on Thursday night with load-in of Convention equipment, free Staff badge, free Staff Convention Shirt, simple meals throughout the weekend provided by Staff Suite, and a later dinner on Sunday night after load-out is completed, usually starting at 9pm.

You are not required to stay in a staff room if choose not to.

What department should I pick?

Once you are approved, all new staff members are accepted as general staff. Once you arrive at the convention, you will be assigned to a department and get training at the event.

What if I am a returning staff member?

Some returning Staff are full-time volunteers, particularly Department Heads, who usually work outside the con weekend to prepare for all that happens at the con. They are required to work with the Board, prior to the con, to plan for their duties at the con. They are also highly encouraged to attend staff meetings that happen once a month, starting in June.

As a returning staff member, you will be sent an email link to edit your staff application and select your preferred department. If you are planning on switching departments, please make sure your department head knows.

Department Descriptions

Please see below the different departments that run the convention. These descriptions are just a general snap shot of what each department does. Most Staffers go well above and beyond what is listed here.

Information Department (“Moogles”)

The Moogles are responsible for communication and customer service at Ohayocon. They answer Attendee questions and help them navigate the convention. They also help relay information between Ohayocon departments. In this way, they really are the “face” of Ohayocon for many of our Attendees.

The Moogles accomplish these tasks in three ways: Moogle Desks, Roaming Moogles, and Moogle Tours. The Moogle Desks can be found on every floor at Ohayocon and function as customer service desks for Attendees. Any event schedule or room changes will be available at these desks. Roaming Moogles check in with other Ohayocon departments and relay information between them. They make sure the Moogle Desks are kept up-to-date on any changes for Attendees. Finally, Moogle Tours provide both basic guided tours of the entire convention as well as escort lost Attendees to specific locations or events within Ohayocon. The guided tours only take place during peak hours, but escorting Attendees to various locations can happen whenever needed.


ORT – Ohayocon Response Team

Ohayocon’s Security team members are on duty for the entire run of the convention. They are responsible for overseeing many aspects of convention safety and security and are on patrol to ensure that general Ohayocon rules of behavior and cosplay dress are followed. They also keep an eye on Ohayocon equipment. In addition to patrolling the convention, Security can always be reached at their Security Operations room in case of emergency. If there is an emergency, they help coordinate communication between departments and with emergency services. Security staff members have specific guidelines to follow and are expected to maintain a high level of professionalism.


Item Check

Item Check staffers collect, photograph and store items for attendees attending the dance on Fridayand Saturday night, as no items are permitted into the dance. The hours run late, starting around6pm in the evening and running to as late as 5am. This is a very busy and customer service based task, with a great attention to detail. This dept takes in about 1500 groups of items that have to be organized throughout the room, while being dropped off and returned to each attendee when they choose to leave. These staffers will likely have to assist in another dept to meet their staffing work hour requirements. If you like puzzles, this is the department for you.



Lost and Found

Lost and Found staffers collect, store and document all found items brought to them and all claims for lost items. This position does require long hours maintaining a table in the operations room. There is not much long term contact with the attendees, as they only come in to drop off and pick up items. This does require staffers to be meticulous to make sure that we are returning items to the proper owner. Organization is key for staffers who work in this department. Due to the nature of the work that these staffers do, Lost and Found is open 24 hours a day during the 3 days of the con, so some staffers work late into the late and early into the morning. These staffers also work in conjunction with Item Check during the late night hours.

Live Events

Live Events is large department that is responsible for putting on Ohayocon’s programs and panels, AMVs, videos, cosplay competition, and special events. Members of the Live Events team plan, schedule, and oversee almost every event, workshop, and panel at Ohayocon. They set up the spaces for each event and help make sure everything runs smoothly. In addition, they provide basic customer service for both Panelists and Attendees.

During the convention, Live Events staff members can work between 8: 00 AM and 2-3:00 AM on Friday and Saturday and between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Sunday. Obviously, staffers are not expected to be on duty every hour of these three days.

Because of the large number of events and the wide variety of tasks available, the Live Events team needs to be flexible. While some may be assigned to very specific tasks during the weekend, most others will get to help facilitate the events in a number of different ways – anything from helping set up rooms and guiding Attendees into them to working directly with Panelists. Live Events staff members may work for specific sub-departments within Live Events. These include (but are not limited to) Programming, Cosplay, AMV, and Video, as well as special Signature Events which may require a dedicated team from time to time.

Programming handles Panelist check-in, room set-up, and panel scheduling during the convention.

Live Events staff members with technical skills may be assigned to “Black Ops,” the technical troubleshooting team of Live Events. They help ensure all equipment for panels and events is working properly and handle basic troubleshooting, reporting larger issues to the convention center’s A/V department.

While maintaining a base of operations (LE Ops), Live Events also sets up tables throughout the convention to provide assistance and basic supplies to Panelists, Attendees, and staff members.

Video Programming team members are responsible for making sure videos are ready to be played when needed for events throughout the weekend. They obtain the DVDs from Live Events Operations, set them up in the rooms where they are needed, make sure they are queued up and ready to go, and return them to LE Ops when finished.

Signature Events often have requirements specific to the event. If you are interested in working on a particular Ohayocon event during the weekend, please make a request to Live Events in writing prior to Ohayocon so that we may schedule you appropriately. As each Signature Event will have different needs, we do our best to assign team members to those events who have the necessary skills to make them a success.

Live Events Operations (LE Ops) is the “home base” of the entire department. From here, the Live Events team oversees Panelist sign-in, staff check-in, and all aspects of events and panels at Ohayocon.

Guest Relations

Guest Relations team members work both before and during Ohayocon to coordinate guest contracts, panels, flights and other transportation, guest bios and head shots, and panel information for the Ohayocon program. Some members of Guest Relations are assigned to work with specific guests of Ohayocon as their “handlers.” These team members help our special guests get to their various panels and signings and make sure their needs are met throughout the weekend.


If Ohayocon is open, so is the Game Room. It is one of the few departments in Ohayocon that is in operation 24 hours a day while the convention is running. Gaming team members are responsible for setting up, maintaining, and taking down all of the game room equipment. They help hook up consoles and computers, swap out games as needed, monitor Attendee volume, and help with tournaments, along with a number of other responsibilities. Gaming staff will be available in the Game Room(s) 24 hours a day during Ohayocon to make sure equipment is not lost, broken equipment is reported and replaced, and requeted games are available for Attendees.

Human Resources

Human Resources is a small department within Ohayocon which oversees intra-department relations, overall staff scheduling, staff benefits and timekeeping, complaints, staff recruitment, and the handling of unexpected issues during the convention. They work closely with Ohayocon management and department heads to handle these issues.

Staff Suite

Staff Suite is a small department that runs the Ohayocon Staff hospitality suite. They are responsible for providing meals to all on- and off-duty staff members throughout the course of the convention. This includes both providing meals within the staff suite itself as well as taking orders and delivering meals to the various departments around the convention.

Music and Dance

The Music and Dance department is responsible for planning and putting on the Ohayocon rave. They have very specific requirements for audiovisual equipment and working with DJs within the large hall used for the dance.


The Logistics Department oversees all Ohayocon equipment needs at the convention. They are in charge of ordering, maintaining, and distributing a wide variety of items to all departments within Ohayocon.

Dealers Room

The Dealers Room team works with the various venders in Ohayocon’s Dealers Room throughout the convention to make sure their needs are met. They perform a wide variety of tasks from scheduling and handling contracts with the various dealers, to helping with set-up and take-down of the dealers’ vending spaces, to keeping track of Attendee volume in the Dealers Room during the convention. The department also helps address needs and concerns for the dealers during the convention.

Artist Alley

The Artist Alley team is a small department within Ohayocon that handles requests from artists to participate in Artist Alley during Ohayocon, juries artwork, and assists the artists with their concerns and needs during the convention. They also help track Attendee volume in Artist Alley during Ohayocon.


The Accessibility department staff performs an important function during Ohayocon by providing assistance for Attendees with various special needs. For example, team members fluent in ASL (American Sign Language) help Attendees who require their services communicate with Panelists and others. Accessibility team members also coordinate specialized seating and access requirements for Attendees with special needs.

Social Media

These staffers work with facebook, twitter and tumblr to post reminders about upcoming events, contests and deadlines. They work with all the other departments to post information, answer questions and refer attendees to the correct department. They also take pictures and post them as related on social media sites.

Dealers Room / Artist Alley

Dealers Room and Artists Alley staffers do similar tasks but work with different people.

Artist Alley staffers help with the check-in procedures for approved artists, set-up and organization of tables in the Artist Alley Room. These staffers assist and check on artists to ensure comfort and assist guests stationed within the Artist Alley with bathroom breaks, meal breaks, watch table during panels and physical accommodations for special needs. These staffers examine artist tables to ensure compliance with Artist Alley rules, respond to questions and concerns from artists and attendees, and monitor attendees for compliance with general Convention rules. These staffers are also responsible for clearing attendees/artists out when AA closes and in the breakdown of Artist Alley space after the event.

Dealers Room staffers help with the check-in procedures for approved dealers, set-up and organization of taped off sections in the Dealers Room. These staffers assist and check on dealers to make sure that they have sufficient power and that all trash is disposed off before the room is open to attendees. These staffers examine dealers spaces to ensure compliance with rules and paid for space. These staffers are also responsible for dealing with questions and concerns from dealers and attendees, as well as monitor attendees for compliance with general Convention rules. These staffers are also responsible for clearing attendees/dealers out when the room closes. They are also responsible for assisting in the breakdown of the room after the event.


These staffers are required to setup and tear down tables and supplies. They also setup and teardown of the cosplay gallery. They help with check-ins for the craftsmanship and performance appointments, as well as the masquerade. These staffers also need to answer questions from attendees and help with the feedback panel.

Video Room

These staffers work with projectors to play anime series throughout the con. This department no longer runs overnight but does run long hours. These staffers are responsible for maintaining the equipment, putting in new DVDs to continue the shows, checking attendees for badges and other duties as needed throughout the weekend.

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