Join the party

Want to be part of the magic? You’re in the right place. Even if you’ve never volunteered for a convention before, we have a place for you: the Kohai Program.

The word “kohai” is sort of like “underclassman” in Japanese, and our volunteers at this level learn the ropes of staffing an anime con before stepping up to full-time. Kohai are the runners and assistants at Ohayocon. Ready to get started? You can apply for the Kohai Program now.

We also offer certification for students who need to complete service hours. Simply mark your interest on the application form and remember to bring your paperwork with you.

Now, if you think you have the skill and experience to skip the Kohai Program, you can check out the staff page (though we don’t offer service-hour certification for that since we compensate you). If you have questions, you may either use our contact form or send an email directly to the Kohai department via kohai@ohayocon.org.

Minimum qualifications:

  • be at least 14 years old
  • be able to arrange transportation to and from Ohayocon
  • have a parent or guardian sign a liability waiver if you are a minor
    • (Please note that minors are limited to 8 hours per day, with a break after 4 hours, and cannot work past 11 p.m.)

Good qualities to have:

  • humility, warmth, optimism, and the desire to be successful
  • an open mind ready for instruction and guidance


  • After 8 work hours:
    • reimbursement of a one-day badge
    • an Ohayocon T-shirt
  • After 24 work hours:
    • reimbursement of a weekend badge

Sound good? Complete the Kohai Application.