Hey everyone! Updates started rolling out pretty early this year and we don’t want you to miss out if you weren’t looking for them! Here are some reminders for upcoming deadlines!

Staff Applications:

Join the Ohayocon Staff and discover just how amazing it can be on the other side of the veil– every year our staffers pull together a show that thousands enjoy from thin air and we want you to be part of the magic trick! Staffers get a room for the weekend (shared with up to four others), a shirt, a special staff badge, 2 meals a day, exclusive meet-n-greets with guests and so much more! We’re looking for individuals who want to throw a great party, prioritize the fun of attendees, and have a pretty good customer service face.

Applications extended to Halloween (eek!), read more and APPLY HERE!

AMV League:

Once again we’re hosting the illustrious Vitamin H to run our AMV competition! Join the AMV League and duke it out on the battlefield of Adobe Premiere (or Vegas… or Final Cut… or Windows Movie Maker… or whatever it is you plan on making your AMV in…).

Applications close January 2nd, APPLY HERE!

Panelist Applications:

Are you an expert geek? A notorious nerd? You can shine at Ohayocon! We depend on volunteer panelists to discuss anime- and geek-related topics and be the first source of entertainment our attendees turn to. We’re looking for the best in local panelists and can’t wait to see what you have to offer.

Applications to be a panelist at Ohayocon 2019 close on Halloween (spooky!), APPLY HERE!