Ohayocon Official Escape Room

Can YOU Escape?

Ohayocon Heist

You’ve been tasked by Nurse Lindsay to pull off the heist of the century. Break into the office of the most infamous mafia boss in the city, Winter Blues. But it’s not going to be a simple in and out mission. Winter Blues is notorious for her use of riddles and puzzles to hide her most important of plans. And to make matters worse your organization has a mole who has been giving away vital information to Winter Blues. You have to get into her office, find out who the mole is, find her plans and get out before Winter Blues returns. Good luck.

Sign-ups for the escape room are located in Con Ops (Windows Room in the Food Court) on a first-come first-serve basis. Each session is 45 minutes long and starts on time, don’t be late!

Hours of Operation:

Thursday 8pm-1am

Friday 12pm-10pm

Saturday 10am-10pm

Sunday 10am-4pm

Sponsored by:

Tekko Time Trials

Free Admission

Up to 8 Participants per Session (We reserve the right to combine groups if a team comes with less than 8)

Duration:  45 mins (participation) followed by 15 mins (reset)

Location: Windows Room

Hours of Operation:       

Friday     1pm– 8pm

Saturday  10am – 8pm

Sunday   10am – 12pm

The Secret Saying

Rumor has it there’s a secret group in town selling illicit beverages.  A reward is out for any information that leads to the group’s capture. Can you find any clues around the town’s local hangout spot?  It’s a race to be the first ones to shut the group down before they skip town! You want that reward, right?”

Groups may sign up for sessions outside of the Tekko Time Trial room the day that they wish to participate. (A group participating on Saturday must sign up for their session on Saturday).