Welcome panelist!

As a potential participant in E-hayocon ‘21, make yourself familiar with all of our policies and procedures. You will be held to these policies upon submission of this application. It is your responsibility to review all these materials. The most key policies for you have been posted here:


General Rules:


– All panelists must be 18 years or older as of the Thursday before E-hayocon starts. For the 2021 convention, that means Jan. 22, 2021.

– Panels are rated either All Ages, 15+, or 18+, which you will select on the application. 18+ content includes excessive violence, sex and nudity, and excessive vulgar language. 15+ is a soft rating and is not regulated; it is a category to capture subjects and commentary that isn’t vulgar, but not quite safe enough for young children, including light expletives. We do have Live Events staffers checking into the panels periodically to make sure they are running smoothly and to gather data, and they will be checking to make sure the content of the panel aligns with what was applied for.

– We do not allow certain types of events due to traditional low attendance, consistently low quality content, or the presentation being unnecessarily divisive. Any of the following types of panels will be automatically denied: Ask-a-Character panels, speed dating or speed friending events, burlesque or live erotic dance performances, maid or butler cafés, religious events, and shipping panels.

– Due to the limitations of our schedule this year, we will only be accepting 60 min panels.

– You may not bully attendees, use hateful or discriminatory speech, or attempt to exclude any attendees from attending the panel.

– You may not charge for panel attendance or supplies to be given to attendees.

– You must have at minimum, a functioning laptop or desktop, a functioning and clear microphone, a steady internet connection that is above 250kbs, the Discord software installed on your PC (not the browser or mobile version).

  • Optional – a webcam that can stream above 720p resolution and 30fp (if you are doing to have any segment where you need it).
  • Note – you cannot share your screen and share the sound output when you are using a Mac. This is a Discord limitation, not an Ohayocon limitation.

– Mobile streaming for paneling will not be allowed for quality purposes.

– You may not link to any outside sources for panel interaction, such as Whiteboard apps, slideshow viewers, or any other functionality. Panels must be streamed through Discord’s screen share function to preserve attendee’s network security.

– Please do not private message any member of panels. Utilize the provided panel text chat on discord for any issues you encounter.

– You may tag @panels in any discord message to alert the whole team at any time you need assistance or support.


Badges and Compensation:


– Due to the online status of this event, we will not be offering compensation for panels this year. However, we appreciate your efforts and know that there’s plenty of people who want to help spread their passions with other like-minded individuals in this difficult time.



Panel Approvals and Waitlist:


– We will close applications on October 31st, 2020 and we will approve panels and send notifications by November 14th, 2020, with a preliminary schedule being released shortly after.

– Please note that applying for a panel does not guarantee a place on the final schedule, nor is there a guarantee that we will approve all panels that you have applied with. We do try to fit as much content as possible into our schedule, but there is no way to fit all of the panels that we receive.


– We will have to make last-minute adjustments to the schedule, due to Guest needs, last minute drops to panels, and other unforeseen events. While we try as hard as we can to plan ahead and avoid these, it is impossible to completely assure you that your panel will be where or when it is originally scheduled upon approval. We will do our best to notify you of these changes if they affect your panel, but please continue to check the schedule before the convention to make sure they are correct. If we have to cancel your event after we approved it, we will wait-list it at the top of our list, and you will still receive your original reimbursement.


– Anyone who applied and did not make it into the schedule at first will be put onto a waitlist that is sorted by desired content for the convention, in order to maintain our commitment to Quality Content this year. We will only be notifying the top ten spots on their waitlist (As everyone else will automatically be put onto the waitlist anyway), so that they are able to keep their materials and presentations ready in case there is a last-minute opening. As these openings are filled, we will notify the next on the list that they are now in the top ten.




If you have any questions about any of these rules, please email us at panels@ohayocon.org


The lead panelist email is the only email that will be used for communication, please make sure that you use the same email for all your applications!


Panel submissions are Closed!

Panel submissions for Ohayocon 2019 close October 31st. Confirmation emails are sent to all applicants no later than November 23rd.