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Events by Kick-Punch-QWOP*

  • The Ohayocon Game Show! 2019 – Back to Ohayocon, the Game Show plans to entertain, titillate, and befuddle as it always does. Half You DonKnow Jack, half Jeopardy!, and half remedial math tutoring classes, the Ohayocon Game Show is an insane mix of questions that span the anime’s past, present…and future?! (No.) If you‘re interested in playing the game show, be sure to fill out a quiz earlier in the day to see if you qualify! But hey, even the audience can win prizes, so if you didn’t qualify, stick around!
  • The Ohayocon Game Show! 2019 Qualification Quiz – If you‘re interested in being on the Ohayocon Game Show later this evening, come take the qualification quiz. It’ll take five or ten minutes, so visit anytime during this hour to fill one out.
  • The Weirdest Games You’ve Never Played Pt. 9: QWOP QWOP – Are they always good? No. Are they always weird? Absolutely. Come take a look at some of the most bizarre titles in video gaming history. From the NES to the modern-day PC, we’ll be uncovering some games that you can talk about at dinner parties with people to impress them. As always, 100% new content every year!
  • QWOPWATCH: Ghost In The Shell – QWOPWatch: Where we discuss how garbage gets made. This year: Scarlett Johansson’s bizarro 2017 Ghost In The Shell. How does it compare to the anime? COULD THIS be the first actual decent movie we’ve had the privilege to enjoy?! Join us for a roundtable, freeform discussion about the movie described by AnimeNation as “RoboCop 2.0.”
  • The Metagame: Masamune Date Inaugural Drift Battle – Which game had a better soundtrack, Jet Set Radio or SSX3? Which game made you feel more in control, Kingdom Hearts or Madden 2015? Which game is simply superior, Chrono Trigger or Gears of War? Join us this weekend as we answer all these questions and more at The Metagame! The first/last/only/best video game debate panel arrives to Ohayocon and our hosts are ready to settle schoolyard disputes as they go toe to toe in a game, ABOUT games. With a limited pool of titles our competitors must select a title that best answers a particular question, and then they are given two minutes to support their answer through debate, an impassioned speech, and even one time, interpretive dance. After our pros settle the score the audience will be invited to go head to head with our hosts, or each other! Dont just have opinions about games, be proven right in front of an entire audience!
  • Try This On Season 2 – So you like Yuri On Ice…maybe you’d like this anime? Or this American show? Or this food court restaurant? Here’s what we recommend and why we recommend it. Let KPQ be your personal sommaliers as we guide you down the difficult road of what to watch, think, or do with your life now that you’re done with that One Great Series.
  • Tear List: The Best Video Game OF ALL TIME – The Best Video Game Of All Time. All caps. That’s a big question, right? Final Fantasy? Chrono Trigger? Tetris? Mario? Through a game modeled after Stephen Totilo’s “Canon Fodder,” Kick-Punch-Qwop is going to attempt to figure out what the winner is. Both the audience and some big names in the anime and video game worlds will get to change the course of history as they debate and discuss the relative merits of specific titles. Be prepared to argue and throw tomatoes.
  • Dollar$ and ¥ens: Buying Stuff From Japan – It’d be nice to be able to visit Akihabara or Takeshita-dori every weekend, but shopping online from Japan is the next best thing! We will cover the basics of online shopping from Japanese websites including the popular auction sites Mbok and Yahoo!Japan. Learn how to utilize a shopping service or forwarding service, calculate shipping costs, and estimate the final price before you commit to your purchase.

Events by Anime Hell

  • Anime Hell (18+) – An Ohayocon late-night mainstay returns for another metric buttload of weirdness and hilarity: see old faves and new things with the crowd! Anime Hell is a collection of carelessly–errrr–CAREFULLY cultivated video clips processed for your pleasure. (May contain less than 10% actual anime)
  • Anime Hell Classic (18+) – Do the names Heino, Hard Gay and Segata Sanshiro fill you with joy or dread (or both)? Do you know the Fish Fight dance? Whether you’re an Anime Hell veteran or a newcomer, join us as we take a trip down the Fury Road of Memory Lane with timeless clips from past Anime Hell events.

Events by Tea Time with Deadpool

  • Tea Time with Deadpool – Description coming soon!
  • Probably something else – Description coming soon!

Events by JASCO

  • Aidoru: Japanese Idols – Idol music is the most popular genre in Japan, with idol groups having dominated the Japanese music charts for years. In this panel, we’ll explore the history of idols, how the genre has evolved, and how artists have achieved this success.
  • Ohio’s Japanese Community – Since Honda first announced plans in 1977 to build a plant in Marysville, the Ohio Japanese community has grown by leaps and bounds. The Japanese population has made major contributions to local communities, especially in places like Dublin where 5% of the population is Japanese. In this panel, we’ll explore the history of Japanese immigration and Japanese culture in Ohio.

Events by The Columbus Koto Ensemble

  • The Columbus Koto Ensemble Music Performance  Do you need a short break from the hustle and bustle of con life? Relax and listen to the beautiful sounds of koto, a traditional Japanese instrument. This performance will showcase 2, 13-string kotos and a rare 17-string bass koto. We’ll perform anime favorites from classic Japanese movies and TV as well as works by renowned composer Tadao Sawai. The performance will include a short Q&A.
  • Learn to Play Japanese Koto – Koto wa nan desu ka? What is it? It’s a koto! Koto is a traditional Japanese instrument, like a harp or a dulcimer. You can learn to play the koto and ask all of your musical questions. The ensemble will guide participants in learning to play the famous song, “Sakura Sakura”. No previous musical experience required!
  • So You Want to Live in Japan? –We’re two Americans who lived in Japan and worked as English teachers with the JET Program (Japanese Exchange and Teaching). We’ll give you our honest opinions of the awesome, weird, and wonderful things to love about Japanese life. Bring your questions! *This is not an official panel from the JET program*


* Yes, KPQ really does have this many panels approved. They really are that awesome.