Welcome to the Ohayocon Ribbon page!

Here, you’ll find all the info you need to participate in this fun tradition.

Lets’ start with the basics!

Q: What are badge ribbons?

A: Badge ribbons are small satin ribbons with a foil design printed onto them, and adhesive on the top to attach to your badge! Find someone giving out ribbons and after you earn one, attach it to your badge to display for all to see. Find more throughout the weekend and you can keep adding more and more to make a chain!

Q: Do I have to give ribbons to get ribbons?

A: Not at all! You can participate even if you have no ribbons to give. But the more ribbons there are, the more fun it is!

Q: So, how do I find people with ribbons and how do I get them?

A: It can be a little tricky at a convention the size of Ohayocon to find people passing out ribbons! Some people will have buttons pinned to their lanyard indicating they have a ribbon to give, others might pin their ribbon to their lanyard to display the ribbon they have to give. If you see someone passing out ribbons, politely approach them and ask, “Do you have ribbons?” If the answer is yes, ask them what you can do to earn it! You may have to answer a trivia question, sing a song, dance, etc. If the person answers “no” or “These are just for trading”, say thank you, and continue on. Some people with ribbons will only be trading for other ribbons, or will only be giving them to certain people.

If all else fails, make sure you come to the meetups! Many people with ribbons will be there, and you can ask how to earn their ribbon if you have none to trade. The time and location will be posted on the facebook page closer to the convention.

There are some artists/dealers in the vendor hall that require you to make a purchase to earn their ribbon. You can ask if they have ways to earn their ribbon (doing something/trading), but if they say they only come with a purchase, respect their decision, and continue on!

Ohayocon has several main events/live events that have ribbons you can obtain by attending those specific events; for example, the escape room has a ribbon you can earn by doing it, or if you attend the Lolita Tea Party, you will be given a ribbon, or if you attend the Cosplay Expo, etc.

We will do our best on this page to have a list of which live events/main events have a ribbon you can earn by attending them, so come back here for updates!


Rules & Etiquette:

Please dispose of the paper strips in a proper waste bin. Ziploc bags will be provided at the ribbon ops table if you’d prefer. Sometimes attendees will make ribbons for collecting strips, so check before you throw them all away! If you see any on the floor, pick it up and dispose of it. It may not be your trash, but it’s our convention center. Let’s keep it clean so we can keep this tradition.

You will not be allowed to charge money for your ribbons unless you are a vendor or artist holding a table in vendor hall or artist alley.


The ribbons can fall off sometimes so it is advised you bring a roll of tape to secure them as you collect or keep an eye on your ribbons. Tape will be provided at the ribbon ops table. The longer the chain, the heavier they are, and the more likely the glue strips will fail.


Please be polite whether you are passing out ribbons or just trying to collect them. This is just a game for an extra bit of fun at the con. If someone declines you for whatever reason, accept their decision politely.


If you see someone discreetly passing someone a ribbon or otherwise behaving in such a way to suggest it is secretive, it is rude to ask for one. They might be low on stock or only be giving them to friends. Remember that ribbons cost money to print, so not everyone is going to be giving them freely to just anyone.


Polite ways to decline ribbon requests can include “I’m sorry but these were printed specifically for my friends.” or “I’m sorry but my ribbons are only for trading.”


HAVE FUN. Collect ribbons, encourage others to join in on the fun, and make some new friends.

Here is our Facebook group, where all of our info is posted; from help with designing, ordering, to finding ribbons once you’re at the convention. Most people giving ribbons will post there, describing what they look like and what ribbons they have. You can post “Looking for X ribbon”, which helps when you’re trying to find specific people with a ribbon you want!

The Ribbon Ops table is at (LOCATION TBA), which will serve as a trading meetup spot, and will have supplies there (tape, trash can/ziploc bags for strips, etc). The organizer of the ribbon game will be at the table throughout the weekend to answer questions. There will also be a ‘Leave a ribbon, take a ribbon’ station!


Ordering Ribbons

There will be a large group order to receive a discount on ribbons that everyone is welcome to join in on. You will be responsible for payment of your own ribbons. If you wish to order with us, fill out our order form (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfsp4NX4fSXbCL4uJbKywj6K5zyzrs4jD8LIZ4thw53HuwKpw/viewform?fbclid=IwAR14nz4Ojr7TGNIKyeH4NOUJ1LFnyTZCEWoiaEWD-S80XnvgWWEOjFEQVe0) by November 29th! Payment for our order will be due by December 13th. Ribbon pickup info will be made available closer to the convention.

If you don’t want to participate in the group order and would rather purchase ribbons on your own, you can do so through many sites, including:

Marco Promos https://www.marcopromos.com/

PC Name Tag https://www.pcnametag.com/

Ribbons Galore https://www.ribbonsgalore.com

Warp Speed Printing (locally owned Ohio business) https://www.warpspeedprinting.com

Ohayocon does not officially endorse any of these vendors. Please be sure to order early enough to ensure your ribbons arrive in time.

Contact Samantha Sellers at personal.sjs@gmail.com with any questions!