A panorama of the Dealers Room at Ohayocon. Rainbow lights decorate the ceiling as shoppers flood the scene.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Size, price and amenities

How much do booths cost?

We do not publicly disclose this information, but we believe we are competitive with other conventions of a similar size. Corners have an additional cost. You may withdraw your application at any time until you pay your invoice. (After that, we will charge a cancellation fee.)

How large are the booths?

Booths are 10′ × 10′ and are either inline with one 10′ border facing an aisle, or are a corner with two 10′ borders facing aisles.

What comes with a booth?

With each 10′ × 10′ booth you receive: 1 table (5 feet in length), 2 chairs and 2 Vendor badges.

Can I get additional tables?

Yes, you can rent additional tables and/or chairs.

Is there pipe and drape?

No, we do not provide pipe and drape.

How do I get power or internet?

Power and/or internet can be rented through the convention center at your own expense. You can arrange this online before the event or from the help desk during the event.

Applying for exhibit space

When do applications open?

Applications typically open in Spring. If it is open, the link will be active at the top of the Dealers Room page. (tentative date of April 17th, 2023)

When do applications close?

Applications typically close in Summer. Once closed, the application will be unavailable. (tentative date July 24th, 2023)

I missed the application deadline, can I still get in?

Each year we have far more applicants than we can accommodate: once the application is closed we do not take additional applicants. Please sign up for our Notification Mailer for the next year.


Is the Exhibit Hall open on Thursday?

The room is closed to attendees on Thursday. Thursday is setup-only in the exhibit hall. There are other sections of the convention open to preregistered attendees.

What does Ohayocon look for in an application?

Unique merchandise or offerings, professionalism and well-designed displays. If you are a first-time vendor, you are welcome to send us a picture of your setup.

What is the weapons policy?

Weapon sales and inspections are only for attendees 18 years of age and older. Live steel is prohibited in all areas of the convention except your booth or while being transported directly to an attendee’s car or hotel room. Once purchased, the attendee must immediately take all live steel to their car or hotel room, even if it is peace-bound and/or in its box. It is the seller’s responsibility to remind the purchaser of this policy. We have maintained this policy for many years without incident; please do not be the reason that we have to ban your sector of business.

If you intend to sell weapons, please confirm this with us by email before paying your invoice. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your application.