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Here’s our Game Schedule:

For rules/regulations, click here.

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Registration is now open, and will close SUNDAY, JANUARY 17TH AT 9AM EST. Register for your tournaments now!


Tournament FAQ

*Note: all information is tentative and subject to change

Where can I find the tournament schedule?

Right above here, actually!

How do I sign up for a tournament?

We are utilizing to register and track our tournaments this year. Be sure to visit the site and sign up if you wish to participate!

Do the tournaments cost anything extra?

Nope! Entry into the tournaments is free.

Can I bring my own controller/stick?

Since we’re handling our tournaments online this year, there’s no other way for you to participate!

What about prizing?

All tournament winners will be getting a free badge to next year’s Ohayocon!

Who can I talk to with any other questions?

You can email the Console Gaming Department Head directly.