Here are the games we’re having tournaments for!




Tournament FAQ

*Note: all information is tentative and subject to change

Where can I find the tournament schedule?

Click here to view the schedule!
This is a tentative schedule. Times are subject to change. More flash tournaments will be added as details
are finalized, so check back again soon for more!”

How do I sign up for a tournament?

Sign up for all console tournaments will be available starting one hour before on the day the tournament is to be held. Look for the sign up sheets in the Hayes Foyer.

Do the tournaments cost anything extra?

Nope! Entry into the tournaments is free with a valid Ohayocon badge for the day of the tournament you wish to play in.

Can I bring my own controller/stick?

Yes! You are able and welcome to bring them. Just make sure not to lose them, as neither Ohayocon nor No Good Network are liable for any loss or theft of property.

What about prizing?

All tournament winners will be able to pick a prize from our huge prize room in addition to getting a free badge to next year’s Ohayocon!

Who can I talk to with any other questions?

You can email the Console Gaming Department Head directly.