Ohayocon's Indie Gaming Showcase - #OhayoIGS

Ohayocon’s independent gaming exhibition had an exceptional third year!

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Standout moments from the 2020 #OhayoIGS:

  • 16 exhibiting companies featuring over 20 games! An international group of amazing developers from across the Midwest, New England, and Canada.
The #OhayoIGS Class of 2020.
  • A wide variety of games and platforms! Block-based puzzle games with wide followings and cute mascots (we had two), tabletop RPGS (DM-optional worlds with constant new material, one-night horror stories set in houses filled with nightmares and starships doomed to fail, and more), family card games (an #1 Amazon best-seller and a fresh-off-the-boat dexterity-based game illustrated by one of our very own #OhayoIGS staffers!), a visual novel (WOAH), and more!
  • Special events and exclusive experiences! Rob Kovacs (composer for Straylight) performed a concert of classical arrangements of NES soundtracks on Friday as the inaugural event in the “#OhayoIGS Presents:” Programming Track. Galatune hosted a special meeting of the minds on Saturday, filming a game between representatives from Florkofcows, Ohayocon, Tekko, Wraith Games, and Dolphin Hat Games. Spinball added a special Ohayocon playfield to their roster for the weekend. Best-selling card game publisher Dolphin Hat Games debuted their newest card game, Over Under Ostrich, to our attendees! So many cool things!
  • Awards! We presented 5 of our special Roaring 20s-themed flask trophies to developers on Sunday.
  • An experience unlike any game room you’ve ever seen at a convention before! (unless you were here last year, or the year before…)

But don’t worry, you’ll see us again next year. Bigger, better, and with even more surprises!

A swirling mass of gaming and chaos and… Gaming.

Check out what some attendees had to say about the 2019 #OhayoIGS while we wait for this year’s feedback to roll in…

“I absolutely loved it as a game design student, it helped me a lot. I hope in a couple years, I will be able to get my game in that room.”

a smart person

“It was nice to find games I otherwise wouldn’t have tried. The team running it was great and super helpful.”

someone both flattering and correct

“It was like a mini con within the con and an incredible experience.”

this is basically just factual

#OhayoIGS: Class of 2020

#OhayoIGS: Class of 2019

#OhayoIGS: Class of 2018