Ohayocon’s independent gaming exhibition is back for the threepeat!

(psst, if you’re looking for the page that has the application link for developers, you’re gonna wanna go over here)

What you should expect:

  • Roughly a dozen game companies ranging from right down the street here in Columbus to… Farther than that. (We don’t actually know the specifics of how many/where from until we get applications approved, but we’ve had applications from Farther Than Expected.)

  • A wide variety of games and platforms to play them on! On the digital side, we’ve had demos for all console platforms, PC, mobile, and even some retro ports! On the tabletop side, we’ve had crunchy hours-long board games, tabletop RPGs with unique mechanics, and breezy card games for the whole family. There’s something for everyone, probably-guaranteedâ„¢!

  • Tournaments! Event-exclusive promo items! World-first looks! We collaborate closely with our developers to create experiences you won’t see at any other events all year. For instance, at the 2019 #OhayoIGS, we featured the public debuts of Collapsus: Arcade Edition from Wraith Games and the multiplayer battle mode in CROSSNIQ+, an Ohayocon-themed promo card from Galatune, and the first Ekosi tournament ever from Deckpoint Studio’s Luckless Seven. We also commissioned Throne of Games, the first official #OhayoIGS print from Pocketbee, featuring references to all 11 of our exhibiting companies.
  • An experience unlike any game room you’ve ever seen at a convention before… unless you’ve been to the #OhayoIGS before, in which case, welcome back! Don’t worry if you have come out to the Showcase before though, we pride ourselves on delivering something unique and fresh, every single year.

What you should not expect:

  • Perfection. Our developers tell us every year that the one thing Ohayocon attendees are especially outstanding at is breaking their games. From the moment you sit down for a demo, you become part of the game development process because, chances are, you will find some sort of bug or paradox or something errata-worthy. We even had developers at the 2019 #OhayoIGS pushing code updates live at-show after attendees found bugs! We don’t really consider this a negative, it’s just a peek behind the curtain.

Check out what some attendees had to say about the #OhayoIGS this year…

“I absolutely loved it as a game design student, it helped me a lot. I hope in a couple years, I will be able to get my game in that room.”

a smart person

“It was nice to find games I otherwise wouldn’t have tried. The team running it was great and super helpful.”

someone both flattering and correct

“It was like a mini con within the con and an incredible experience.”

this is basically just factual

And more! Tournaments! Awards! Prizes! Branded collaborations with some of your favorite exhibiting developers! All will be revealed in the coming months…

#OhayoIGS: Class of 2019

#OhayoIGS: Class of 2018