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Since 2018, Ohayocon’s Indie Gaming Showcase has featured independently-created tabletop and digital games from developers across the Midwest and beyond. From visual novels to family card games and everything in-between, the #OhayoIGS truly strives to have something for everyone.

Exhibitors: Applications have not yet opened for #OhayoIGS 2023.
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As if having over a dozen potential new favorite games in one room wasn’t enough, spending time in the #OhayoIGS even earns you prizes! Check out the Demo Passport booklet, available at the #OhayoIGS front desk, and sticker your way to exclusive prizes like art prints, badge ribbons, and more!

Filling out your Demo Passport will also help the very developers whose games you’re playing! During the process of earning prizes, you’ll also cast votes in our People’s Choice Awards! We’ve also hosted knowledgeable folks from the industry who give out Judge’s Choice Awards, one of which comes with free exhibit space at another convention. Since 2019, we’ve even given out trophies (resin sculptures, engraved flasks and pens, fidget spinners, and more) for all of these honors. The #OhayoIGS Awards have become a very hotly-contested race each year!

The 2022 #OhayoIGS was a rousing success; here’s the rundown!

  • For a digital copy of the Demo Passport booklet, please see this page.
  • For an explanation on why we’ve implemented an anti-NFT policy moving forward, please see this video.
  • For the unabridged Curator’s Note, please see this page.

Standout moments from the 2022 #OhayoIGS:

#OhayoIGS: Class of 2022

Here’s what past attendees have written about the #OhayoIGS in feedback forms:

“I absolutely loved it as a game design student, it helped me a lot. I hope in a couple years, I will be able to get my game in that room.”

a smart person

“It was nice to find games I otherwise wouldn’t have tried. The team running it was great and super helpful.”

someone both flattering and correct

“It was like a mini con within the con and an incredible experience.”

this is basically just factual

Standout moments from the 2020 #OhayoIGS:

  • Group photo of all participants in the 2020 Ohayocon's Indie Gaming Showcase

Presenting the 2020 #OhayoIGS Awards:

#OhayoIGS: Class of 2020

#OhayoIGS: Class of 2019

#OhayoIGS: Class of 2018