Ohayocon's Indie Gaming Showcase - #OhayoIGS

Welcome to our virtual #OhayoIGS facsimile!

This… isn’t ideal. For a long-form letter on how specifically weird this is, click the arrow below. To ignore all that mushy junk, scroll further to see what some of our old favorites are up to.

If you’re here for a single piece of information, let me spoil that upfront: No, Collapsus isn’t out yet.


If the Indie Gaming Showcase has a theme song, it’s this. We played it right before opening the doors at the 2019 IGS and it’s usually what I’m listening to when I work on the IGS. The whole song is Relevantâ„¢, but there’s a specific line coming to mind right now.

  • “I’m gonna be a people person in a room of people-people.”

I’ve attended Ohayocon every year since 2004. Every year, at about this time, I drive into Columbus. I make a dumb joke about Nationwide being on our side when we go by the HQ. I lug my suitcase into my hotel room. I get dinner at Max and Erma’s with my dad for his birthday. I see a ton of old friends and meet a ton of new ones. Every year, for over half my life, I’ve been a people person in a specific room of people-people. Until now.

I don’t have anything poignant to say about that. It just sucks. When I pitched the Indie Gaming Showcase to Ohayocon back in August 2017, part of the pitch was that, explicitly, an in-person event is better for promoting an indie game than advertising online. So when the (correct, extremely correct) decision to move Ohayocon 2021 onto our not-in-person Discord server came down the line, I was basically at a loss for ideas. If we’re being honest, I still am.

But doing nothing doesn’t seem appropriate. So I’m going back through the roster of all in-person IGSes(?), and I’ll be showcasing updates/new projects/whatever we can promote to help here on this page.

If you’re in a position to financially support any of these projects, please do so. This is a tough time for artists, and I want all of these companies to thrive so we can reconvene stronger and sexier next year. If you can’t spare any coin, just letting them know you see and appreciate their work is a nice move too.

See you next year,

  • “Imma keep on running this s**t
    Let the games begin”

New for 2021: Updates! New projects! Things you can throw money at!

Standout moments from the 2020 #OhayoIGS:

  • 16 exhibiting companies featuring over 20 games! An international group of amazing developers from across the Midwest, New England, and Canada.
The #OhayoIGS Class of 2020.
  • A wide variety of games and platforms! Block-based puzzle games with wide followings and cute mascots (we had two), tabletop RPGS (DM-optional worlds with constant new material, one-night horror stories set in houses filled with nightmares and starships doomed to fail, and more), family card games (an #1 Amazon best-seller and a fresh-off-the-boat dexterity-based game illustrated by one of our very own #OhayoIGS staffers!), a visual novel (WOAH), and more!
  • Special events! Rob Kovacs (composer for Straylight) performed a concert of classical arrangements of NES soundtracks on Friday as the inaugural event in the “#OhayoIGS Presents:” Programming Track. Galatune hosted a special meeting of the minds on Saturday, filming a game between representatives from Florkofcows, Ohayocon, Tekko, Wraith Games, and Dolphin Hat Games.
  • Exclusive experiences! Spinball added a special Ohayocon playfield to their roster for the weekend. Best-selling card game publisher Dolphin Hat Games debuted their newest card game, Over Under Ostrich, to our attendees! So many cool things!
  • Awards! We presented 5 of our special Roaring 20s-themed flask trophies to developers on Sunday.
  • An experience unlike any game room you’ve ever seen at a convention before! (unless you were here last year, or the year before…)
A swirling mass of gaming and chaos and… Gaming.

Check out what some attendees had to say about the 2019 #OhayoIGS…

“I absolutely loved it as a game design student, it helped me a lot. I hope in a couple years, I will be able to get my game in that room.”

a smart person

“It was nice to find games I otherwise wouldn’t have tried. The team running it was great and super helpful.”

someone both flattering and correct

“It was like a mini con within the con and an incredible experience.”

this is basically just factual

#OhayoIGS: Class of 2020

#OhayoIGS: Class of 2019

#OhayoIGS: Class of 2018