Over the past few years, Ohayocon has been overrun with Ribbon Fever.

A photo of one year’s Ohayocon group order. Very colorful.

Attendees, staff, and exhibitors all love collecting these ribbons to stack on their Ohayocon badge. Badge ribbons are given out for various conditions. Attendees may trade them or give them out for completing little quests. Many exhibitors will give them out with purchase, or with social media follow/wishlist/etc. Some official Ohayocon events/spaces have their own ribbons attendees can earn through participation.

Starting in 2023, we’re hoping to make the IGS a real hotbed for ribbon collecting. Up until now, the only ribbons attendees could acquire at the IGS were given out by staffers in relation to the Demo Passport. To simplify this process, we’ll be offering IGS developers access to Ohayocon’s official discounted group order; these ribbons will be shipped in bulk directly to Ohayocon and delivered to your booth Friday during setup.

Through this group order. ribbons cost $0.18 per ribbon, with a $14 fee per design + tax. Our printer charges an additional $15 for any quantity under 100 ribbons. You will be responsible for this fee for your order if you order less than 100 ribbons. 100 ribbons plus the setup fee would cost $32. 200 ribbons would cost $50, 300 = $68, and so on. Ribbon color options and best practices for design can be found here.

While we recommend ribbons be given out without requiring a purchase, you are fully permitted to put any condition on your ribbons. The nicer the ribbon design, the more effort folks will put into acquiring them! Here are some examples of non-purchase conditions for your ribbons:

  • Complete a demo
  • Beat the developer in a challenge
  • Follow the game’s account/s on social media
  • Post a selfie playing the game at the booth

There’s really no limit to what the criteria can be. Free ribbons will definitely go faster than ribbons that come with a cost (monetary or time), so think about order quantities in relation to your criteria. If you want to order fewer ribbons, think of a condition that will challenge attendees so you don’t run out early!

All IGS developer ribbons will be featured on some sort of print material at the con. It’s yet to be determined whether this will be a page in the guidebook, a poster, or something else. All we know is that we want to promote IGS as Ribbon Hunting Territory! We will also request one of each ribbon available in the IGS to attach to an example badge at the Information Booth for attendees to examine.