Shoot for a new high score!

Ohayocon PC gaming has been working hard all year, and we’re excited to bring you the largest Ohayocon PC gaming
experience ever!

  • We’ll be open from 9am through 3am every day
  • We have 60 sponsored computers for you to use courtesy of Game Arena
  • We offer at least 12 tournaments:
    • League of Legends
    • Overwatch
    • Rocket League
    • CS:GO
  • There are fabulous prizes and giveaways.
  • We are in a delightfully windowless room, so you can play for endless hours without knowing the sun has

Our online registrations are live!

Click the logo below for the game you’d like to register for

Tournament Rules

Tournament FAQ

*Note: all information is tentative and subject to change

When do applications close?

Registrations for League of Legends and Overwatch closed on December 28th because of online preliminaries, but Hearthstone and Fortnite will remain open until the convention.

What’s the difference between a normal and a flash tournament?

Normal tournaments require you to register ahead of time online, and will generally have better prizes than flash tournaments. With flash tournaments, you can just walk up the day of and play for fun!

Is this an online or in-person tournament?

League of Legends and Overwatch will both have online preliminaries followed by in-person
semi-finals and finals. These online preliminaries are scheduled to start the evening of January 3rd and will hopefully conclude by January 6th. If you are unable to participate in these preliminaries, we are willing to work with you on scheduling, but we offer no guarantees. Fortnite and Hearthstone will be purely in-person.

What about the tournament schedule?

Click here to view the schedule!

This is a tentative schedule. Times are subject to change. More flash tournaments will be added as details
are finalized, so check back again soon for more!

Will I need to bring my computer?

Nope! Computers will be supplied at the convention by Game Arena

Do the tournaments cost anything extra?

Nope! Entry into the tournaments is free with a valid Ohayocon badge for the day of the
tournament you wish to play in

Can I sign up as a free agent, or what if I don’t have a full team?

Yes! There is a free agent option on the form, so just fill that section out and you’re good to go! If you’re a team captain without a full roster, please email me and I’ll see what I can do.

What about prizing?

All structured tournament winners will be able to pick a prize from our huge prize room in
addition to getting a free badge to next year’s Ohayocon!

Can I bring my own keyboard/mouse?

Yes! You are able and welcome to bring them. Just make sure not to lose them, as neither
Ohayocon nor Game Arena are liable for any loss or theft of property

Who can I talk to with any other questions?

You can email the PC Gaming Department Head directly