Game event submissions are now open!! Fill out the app here:
[Ohayocon 20 Game Event Application]

Board Game Library

Come to the tabletop gaming room to enjoy free game rentals from the PB&C Entertainment’s Game Library.  Some games are part of our play-to-win raffle on Sunday.

Tabletop Room Hours

  • Friday:  12pm – 2am
  • Saturday:  10am – 2am
  • Sunday:  10am – 5pm

Play to Win Games: 2020

  • Kamigami Battles: River of Souls
  • Kamigami Battles: Battler of the Nine Realms
  • Tanto Cuore
  • Heart of Crown
  • Heart of Crown: Fairy Garden
  • Mangaka
  • Core Connection
  • Alicematic Heroes
  • Love Battle High School
  • Dynamite Nurse
  • Kemomimi Panic
  • Sword Art Online
  • Starlight Stage
  • more games coming soon!


Ohayocon would like to thank its sponsors for their generous donation of games for the Play to Win event.

Japanime Games

Double Exposure: Envoy

CCG Events

  • Magic the Gathering standard tournament
  • Pokemon standard tournament
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament


RPG Events

Pathfinder Society will be running scenarios and demos.