Welcome to Tabletop Gaming for 2023

We have big plans for 2023 so please check back on this page periodically for new and upcoming announcements.  This year we will be planning some scheduled events with pre-registration available in late December 2022.  These events will include (but are not limited to) RPGS: D&D, Pathfinder, and BESM – Learn to Play: Mahjong, Go, Yokahama, Takenoko, Terraforming Mars (with all expansions), Calico, and Marvel United.  We will also have a robust Magic Tournament this year featuring our very own Ohayocon Power Cube!  (PS, if you reside in central Ohio, start looking out at your local game stores for opportunities to play our cube at special events!)

Tabletop Gaming also features:

The Board Game Library

This library features several hundred board games for loan during Ohayocon.  Like most gaming conventions you simply leave your ID with the library staff while you play the game in the Tabletop Game Room.  Upon return of the game, you get your ID back!  Our library features not only some classic games everyone is familiar with but also has all of the top modern board games loved by board game enthusiasts and recommended in the top game lists on BoardGameGeek.  If you have friends who haven’t gone to Ohayocon with you because they are tabletop gamers and thought they would be bored, let them know we have all their usual favorites, whether it be light family fun or heavy cardboard thinkers.

The board game library also features a large Play-to-Win event.  With Play-to-Win you check out a game (following the same ID/check-out as regular library games), play the game, then when you return the game you and the people who played with it will receive a ticket for an opportunity to win the game you played.  Drawings for the games will be done on Sunday at 2pm and you (or someone with your ticket) must be present to win.  You cannot win more than three games from the play-to-win.  Note: Play-to-Win games will be available to checkout from 1pm on Friday to noon on Sunday.  We will publish the Play-to-Win game list once they arrive in December.


Watch this space for the event schedule and sign-up forms.

Tabletop Room Hours

(subject to change – this is based on previous year operations)

Friday: 12pm – 2am
Saturday: 10am – 2am
Sunday: 10am – 5pm