This year you’ll find Tabletop in the Delaware room. 

Big news: This year we’ll be featuring the Ohayocon Powercube! As you know, it can cost at least $1k to build your own powercube so playing isn’t always easy.  Now you can play our powercube at Ohayocon.


To Sign up for featured events and tabletop tournaments sign up and validate that you are a registered Ohayocon attendee at:


Once you are set up with your Warhorn account and have verified you purchased a badge for Ohayocon (registering as an attendee through warhorn does not provide you with a badge for Ohayocon) you can look for the games and tournaments you would like to register for and sign up.

Tabletop Room Hours

  • Friday: 10am – 2am
  • Saturday: 10am – 2am
  • Sunday: 10am – 4pm

Tabletop Gaming also features:

Board Game and CCG/TCG Events

Start TimesFridaySaturdaySunday
10:00 AMMTG: Ohayocon PowerCube
11:00 AMLearn to Play “Isle of Cats”
12:00 NoonMTG: Ohayocon PowerCubeMTG: Ohayocon PowerCube
Learn to Play “Tang Garden”
Magic Points Tally – Winners announced and prizes awarded
1:00 PMLearn to Play “Tsuro”Learn to Play “Riichi Mahjong”
2:00 PMPokemon Standard Tournament
Learn to Play “Takenoko”
Yu-Gi-OH Goat Tournament
2:30 – Learn to Play “Go”
Play to Win Drawings
(must be present to win)
3:00 PMTrader’s Hour
Learn to Play “Go”
Trader’s Hour
Learn to Play “Go”
4:00 PMMagic: Commander –
“My first tournament” (beginners with tutorial)
“I’m here to have fun!” (experience required – not cEDH)
Learn to Play “Chai”
Magic: Commander –
“Borrow a deck”
“I came to win” (cEDH Tournament)
Learn to Play “Riichi Mahjong”
5:00 PM
6:00 PMMTG: Ohayocon PowerCubeMTG: Ohayocon PowerCube
7:00 PM
8:00 PMMagic Standard TournamentMagic Standard Tournament
9:00 PMTrader’s HourTrader’s Hour

RPG Events

(pre-reg on WarHorn will Go-Live end of November)

Time SlotFridaySaturdaySunday
10am – 2pmBESM: “Carousel Obscura” BESM: “Carousel Obscura” 
D&D StrahdD&D Strahd
11am – 3pmPFS2 Intro 1
PFS2 Intro 2
D&D Strahd
D&D 5e
3pm – 7pmPathfinder PFS 1-06Pathfinder PFS 1-06
Pathfinder PFS2 2-06Pathfinder PFS2 3-13
Pathfinder/Starfinder DemosPathfinder/Starfinder Demos
D&D 5eD&D 5e
BESM: Magical Escape
8pm – midnightStarfinderEPIC Starfinder
Pathfinder PFS2 1-06Pathfinder PFS2 1-06
Pathfinder PFS2 4-01Pathfinder PFS2 4-01
Pathfinder/Starfinder DemosPathfinder/Starfinder Demos

The Board Game Library

This library features several hundred board games for loan during Ohayocon.  Like most gaming conventions you simply leave your ID with the library staff while you play the game in the Tabletop Game Room.  Upon return of the game, you get your ID back.  Our library features not only some classic games everyone is familiar with but also has all of the top modern board games loved by board game enthusiasts and recommended in the top game lists on BoardGameGeek.  If you have friends who haven’t gone to Ohayocon with you because they are tabletop gamers and thought they would be bored, let them know we have all their usual favorites, whether it be light family fun or heavy cardboard strategy games.


How does it work?

Any convention attendee can check out a Play to Win Game for their group. Simply check the game out by leaving your ID with the Play to Win attendant, play the game in the open play space in Tabletop, and then return the game. Each checkout allows each person who played the game to receive one entry to win that game at the end of the convention.

Where do the games come from?

All Play to Win games are graciously donated by the individual game publishers through the Envoy and Stonemaier games programs. We are proud to represent these fantastic publishers and titles through our convention’s Play to Win offering!

How do I enter?

When you check the game back in after play, our volunteer will issue each badge holder who played a raffle ticket and entrants will keep one side, fill in their name on the other half and drop it into the appropriate games ballot box.

How many times can I enter?

You can play as many games as you like, but you only get one entry per checkout. If you play multiple times, you still only get one entry per checkout. The goal is to let as many people as possible play the games and have an opportunity to win, so back-to-back checkouts or hoarding of Play to Win games are not allowed.

What about a game like Spyfall, where you play a dozen times on one checkout?

We assume that all groups will play short games a similar number of times, and so everyone will get one entry per checkout. In cases like this, please keep the game for a reasonable amount of time and then check it back in so others have an opportunity to play it as well.

Can I immediately check a game back out?

No, the game must go back into circulation to let everyone have an opportunity to play. We want as many groups as possible to have the chance to play the most popular games.

Can my group check out a stack of games and then play them all back-to-back and check them in at once?

Please do not do this. This is game hoarding, and we want all games to remain actively in play as much as possible. We may also not allow entries for groups that check out games for significantly longer than it should take to play a learning game. If you plan to hold onto a game for a long time, please utilize our Convention Library instead of Play to Win.

Can I play my personal copy of a game and get an entry into Play to Win? What about the Convention Library copy?

We will not allow personal copies or library copies to generate Play to Win entries. Only games directly from the Play to Win offerings are eligible for entries.

How many Play to Win games can a person win?

Each badged individual can win no more than three games from Play to Win.

When are Play to Win games given away?

Play to Win games are given away on Sunday at 2pm right outside of Tabletop!

What if I can’t be there on Sunday?

You can give your tickets to a friend and they can pick up your game for you. You don’t have to be present to pick up the game, but your tickets do. No games will be held. If a ticket is called and no one is present to claim it, it will be immediately redrawn.