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What is Ohayocon’s COVID-19 policy?

You can view the Ohayocon COVID-19 Policy for the full text of the requirements, exceptions, and resources.

Why is Ohayocon requiring attendees to wear masks?

Masks prevent the spread of COVID-19 by protecting others from exhaled virus cells. In line with CDC guidance and the Columbus mask mandate, we require all people at Ohayocon, not just attendees, to wear a mask at all times. The only exception is for approved presenters who are presenting or performing on a raised stage and at least six feet from all other people. (This exception is permitted according to the terms of the city-wide mask mandate.)

Why is Ohayocon requiring proof of vaccination or negative test results?

We require all people at Ohayocon, not just attendees, to provide documentation of full vaccination (no closer than 14 days before checking in) or negative test results (within three days before checking in) so we can be confident that we are minimizing the risk of spreading COVID-19.

What are the exact deadlines?

Badge PickupNegative Test
(taken on or after)
Last Vaccine
(on or before)
Thurs. 1/19Mon. 1/16Thurs. 1/5
Fri. 1/20Tues. 1/17Fri. 1/6
Sat. 1/21Wed. 1/18Sat. 1/7
Sun. 1/22Thurs. 1/19Sun. 1/8

If you are using a negative COVID-19 test result, it must be dated within three calendar days from the day on which you pick up or purchase your badge at registration. It is not 72 hours in the sense that we would check by the hour. For example, if you’re picking up your badge on the 11th at 7 p.m., it is OK to have had the test on the 8th at 9 a.m.

To summarize, you need to meet the day of the deadline, but it doesn’t matter the exact time on the day that you get it done. If you have questions about this, please contact us.

Are there any exceptions at all?

There are two possible exceptions. First, if you are an approved presenter and you are presenting or performing on a raised stage and at least six feet from all other people, you will not be required to wear a mask (but you must still demonstrate proof of vaccination or negative test result before being permitted to be present at Ohayocon). Second, if you have a legitimate, documented medical reason not to meet either or both requirements, you must contact us so we can refer you to our Accessibility Services department to submit appropriate documentation of your exemption from our COVID-19 policy. In any case, you must meet as much of the requirements as possible. (For example, if you have an exemption from being vaccinated, you must show a negative test result.) Both of these exceptions are in accordance with the city-wide mask mandate.

How long after my last dose do I have to wait before attending Ohayocon?

In line with CDC guidance, we will only accept proof of vaccination that is dated two weeks or earlier from the day you visit the registration center. If you will not meet this deadline, then your only option will be to show a negative test result.

How is Ohayocon going to enforce the mask requirement?

We hope we won’t have to—we hope people will do the right thing. But we can ask you to wear it and confiscate your badge if you don’t. Additionally, venue officials may require you to wear a mask, and if Columbus’s mask mandate is still in effect during Ohayocon, you may be subject to action by law enforcement officers.

What type of masks are permitted?

You should wear a mask that meets CDC guidelines. We may ask you to comply with these guidelines.

Do I have to wear a CDC guideline-compliant mask under my costume mask?

If your costume mask covers your mouth and nose, and has an appropriate filter between you and any holes on the mask where breath can pass through, then you will not need to wear a second mask underneath. As with our prop policy, we can’t make judgments about specific items until we can inspect them in person.

Can I use a self-test?

No. We will only accept tests provided by an appropriate, licensed medical provider. (Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians at drug stores are acceptable medical providers.)

What happens if I don’t agree with the policy?

We recommend not attending Ohayocon, since we will not permit you to register or claim your badge. If you flout these restrictions or disobey appropriate Ohayocon, venue, or law-enforcement officials, we may confiscate your badge and/or remove you from the event without refund. Additionally, if you are found in violation of local ordinances, we may contact an appropriate authority to enforce the law.

I already registered, but I don’t agree with the policy. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately not, since you agreed when you registered that we may create any binding policy related to COVID-19. If you registered prior to the time we announced this policy, you may transfer your badge to another person by contacting customer service.

Can you guarantee I won’t get COVID-19 at Ohayocon?

No, and waiving our liability is part of the registration agreement when you purchase your badge. We suggest following best practices to avoid getting COVID-19, such as wearing an appropriate mask that covers the mouth and nose, getting vaccinated, and keeping your six-foot distance from others. Due to space constraints, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to move through the hallways in a timely manner while maintaining social distance.

Are there any virtual events that I can attend remotely?

As of Sept. 25, 2021, we know we will be streaming gaming activities. We’ll announce if we will have other activities available for virtual participation.

Am I able to walk around with food or drink and not wear a mask?

We expect that you will be respectful of your fellow attendees and only eat or drink when you are able to maintain a six-foot distance from all others. The safest place to eat or drink is in your own personal space, such as your hotel room. We cannot control the layout or traffic patterns of the food court, and we recommend planning in advance when and where you will take your meals.

I reserved lodging but I won’t be attending anymore. Will they offer a refund or rollover?

Hotels, Airbnbs and other lodging providers are run independently of Ohayocon, and are free to set their own policies. We recommend you contact your lodging provider for assistance.

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