Emergency Procedures

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Your safety commands our full attention. We do not think any of these things will happen, but on the off chance they do, we offer the following guidelines:

Plan ahead

  • Carry identifying information on you, such as a state ID or index card with your full name, an emergency contact phone number of someone who is not attending Ohayocon, and preferred Columbus-area hospital.
  • Decide upon an emergency meet-up point off-premises with your attending family and friends.
  • Remember any prescription medication and required medical devices.

If you see something, say something

  • If you notice anything suspicious, please tell a member of our public safety team so they can investigate.

Weather emergencies

Ohayocon happens in the dead of winter, so we don’t really expect life-threatening weather emergencies which will cause immediate danger. But just in case:

  • If Franklin County declares a non-snow-related emergency (such as a tornado warning), we will try to open an unused interior room for you to congregate.
  • Avoid areas with lots of windows, like the Hyatt atrium, food court, grand stair, and the hallway outside Battelle Grand. Suggested gathering places in the Hyatt include: the first-floor meeting rooms, the second-floor hallway between the Delaware and Franklin Rooms, and the information desk near the food court. Suggested gathering places in the Greater Columbus Convention Center include any area away from exits and where there is not a glass ceiling.
  • Use any posted emergency evacuation signage for guidance if you need to.


  • If the fire alarm sounds, remain calm. Exit the building via the closest safe exit.
  • Use the stairs if you are able, so firefighters and people with physical disabilities can use elevators.
  • Events will resume once an appropriate authority figure clears the alarm.

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