The Ohayocon logo should not be used in connection with any projects, individuals, groups, organizations or businesses not explicitly affiliated with Ohayocon or otherwise approved by the Director of Marketing or Convention Director.

Do not alter, warp or skew the Ohayocon logo. The logo should always be displayed clearly with at least 20 pixels of space between it and any copy and/or other logos. The logo may be overlaid on images, so long as both the text and Sakura flower including the stamens are fully visible and easy to read.


Download Full Color Logo

Download Full Color Logo (transparent)

Download Black Logo

Download Black Logo (transparent)

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Brand Colors

PRIMARY – Ohayocon Red

PMS – In Progress

C:0 / M:80 / Y:72 / K:14

R:220 / G:17 / B:36


SECONDARY – Ultra Blue

PMS – In Progress

C:42 / M:32 / Y:0 / K:35

R:58 / G:84 / B:165



PMS – In Progress

C:40 / M:8 / Y:0 / K15

R:113 / G:169 / B:216




Please send all questions and concerns to Marketing@Ohayocon.org