Lapix is one of the fastest rising talent in the Japanese music game scene. He first discovered music through playing the electric organ when he was seven years old. Equipped with two sets of keyboards and a set of foot keyboards, the electric organ has taught him many aspects of music. He got his hands on his first synthesizer when he was a teenager and has been producing music of many styles. He is known for producing a wide range of genres including HiTech Psytrance, Fullon, HARDCORE, and J-pop. The quality of his tracks, and his signature HiTech style quickly made him a key player in the music game scene.
Lapix has been aggressively releasing music primarily through the MEGAREX label, and has also released an album from EXIT TUNES. His music has been featured on various music games including beatmania IIDX, Sound Voltex, jubeat (jukebeat), and DANCERUSH STARDOM.