Cosplayer, seamstress, and artist, Momo Kurumi is known for her colorful tributes to various movie, cartoon, and gaming characters. Her interest in cosplay started in 2007, and grew into a passionate hobby and career. Graduating from Purdue University with a degree in Apparel Design and Technology, she went on to complete internships at a theater costume shop, and Disneyland Resort in Entertainment Costuming. She has made over 80 cosplays, won several awards for her costumes at cons like C2E2, and been featured on various sites for her character likeness. Her attention to detail and knowledge of craftsmanship have enabled her to judge for conventions such as Anime St. Louis and Anime Central.

A strong believer in “anyone can cosplay”, she looks to keep the spirit of fun alive in cosplay by never forgetting her roots- her love for the characters and cosplay community. She is an advocate for diversity in cosplay, and seeks to spread positivity and encouragement to cosplayers of all kinds. She hosts several panels at cons around the country focusing on these ideals, as well as leading educational presentations to inspire cosplayers to create their own art! It is her passion to uplift others so that they feel welcome and able to excel in the cosplay community with unlimited potential.

Recently, Momo has been creating downloadable sewing patterns on Etsy, and posting cosplay videos on YouTube. Her channel features series that break down her costumes piece by piece, various tutorials and informational videos, and more!  Aside from cosplaying, she is also passionate about illustration, photography, and film, which helps her to create her content. Truly a multi-media artist, Momo is always looking for new ways to challenge and showcase her artistic skills!