Dennis Daniel
Fang Guest
Podcast and Panels

Dennis Daniel attended his first anime convention in 2003, and for over fifteen years, has been one of the most recognizable presences at any Ohio convention.

The host of his own podcast, The Dennis Daniel Show, he has gotten to talk and share stories with some of the most well known names in voice acting and pop culture, including Christopher Sabat (DragonBall Z), Charles Martinet (Mario & Luigi), Tom Kenny (Spongebob SquarePants) and former WWE Champion and beloved internet meme John Cena. 

Dennis is also the host of “A Steven’s Guide to the Universe,” a fandom panel about all things “Steven Universe,” which popular blog The Mary Sue has hailed as “entertaining from the very beginning.” He has also broken out into the photography industry with his startup business, Little Professor Productions, and has done photoshoots with such talented cosplayers, including Kiss A Frog Cosplay, Sarahndipity Cosplay, Shelbeanie Cosplay and Queen Solaria Cosplay.