Sewn Together Reflections

Briana Lawrence, Brichibi Cosplays
Jessica Walsh, SnowCosplays

17 years ago Briana Lawrence (Brichibi Cosplays) and Jessica Walsh (SnowCosplays) were two fanfiction writing ladies who geeked out over Gundam Wing boys and Resident Evil.

Now? They’re still geeks and still have their fandoms, but they’re also a cosplaying couple who write books, discuss the importance of representation, and do their best to keep their three butt-head cats in line. Snow is the seamstress of the couple, her work being featured in local fashion shows and cosplay magazines, meanwhile, Brichibi talks about issues in the cosplay community and how the most important thing about cosplay is to love yourself, respect others, and have fun.

When it comes to writing, both ladies have written freelance for, so chances are, that anime or video game top ten vid you listened to was penned by one of them. Brichibi has also written for “Essense” “The Root” “Into Magazine” “SyFy Wire” “Inverse” “Uncanny Magazine” and various other websites where she analyzes pop culture, be it mental health in My Hero Academia, the importance of fanfiction, or how doing the bare minimum when it comes to representation doesn’t quite cut it anymore.

She’s also continuing her black, queer, magical girl series “magnifiqueNOIR” with the second book “You Are Magical” after launching a successful Kickstarter. Currently, Snow is hard at work on the third book in their “Hunters” urban fantasy series and has written for the likes of “Cosplay Culture” and “Apex Magazine.” She’s also had her horror stories read on various podcasts such as “Ghoul Intentions,” and the always spine tingling “Mr. Creepy Pasta.”  

When going to conventions they always bring their best so that they can promote their work. You can get lost in their books, or heck, you can come by for a hug and fun conversations about cosplay, anime, ships, or video games. Always promoting positivity and always supporting one another, Brichibi and Snow are smiling their way through the geek scene.


Brichibi Cosplays