Vitamin H was founded in 2013, fueled by a desire to create convention programming that goes above and beyond expectations. We believe that by putting as much time and energy as possible into our content, we’ll be able to present material that is exciting, educational, and engaging. We do everything within our power to make sure that all of our presentations have a professional level of polish and an unwavering level of passion for what we want to share.
In case you couldn’t tell, we’re serious about making sure you all have fun.

Our founding (and current) lineup consists of:


The mastermind behind Vitamin H, Kidd Bowyer (that’s MR. the Maniac to you, buddy), is the one in charge, the big cheese, so to speak.  Kidd decides what panels we’re going to do, takes care of business liasons, does all the “dirty work” of applying to conventions, and uses a copious and unrivaled knowledge of anime and video games to dictate to Pathos what sort of things to put into print.


Annie Bowyer is the technical genius and artiste of the group.  She’s responsible for PowerPoint creation, organization, getting Kidd’s lousy computer to do her bidding (no small task), as well as taking all the myriad ideas Kidd throws at her and turning them into a workable and professional presentation. She’s also the webmaster, so she can type anything here that she wants.  Pizza.  See?