Below Are The Featured Panelists from 2023:

What Are Featured Panelists? Panels that catch our eyes as especially popular, well executed, or just generally fantastically informative are invited to share the spotlight and be recognized for their quality panels!


Toothless the Puppy
Toothless the Puppy and Cardcaptor Alana (the Human) are an enthusiastic service dog team dedicated to geekiness and pawsitivity. Service Dog Toothless became famous through TikTok for playing the iconic TTRPG known as Dungeons and Dragons. Cardcaptor Alana makes Toothless’ elaborate canine cosplays and provides the voices for all the animals for Toothless’ videos. In addition to her cosplay and voice-acting skills, Alana also has extensive character-performing experience! Add this dynamic duo to your adventuring pawty today!
The Japan-America Society of Central Ohio is a private 501(c)(3) not-for-profit membership association of Americans and Japanese who desire to bring the Japanese American communities together, promote goodwill through the sharing of knowledge about Japan, and provide a forum for informed discussion regarding the Japan-U.S. relationship. Since 1997, JASCO has had an ongoing commitment to serve the wide and varied needs of the Japanese living in Ohio and Ohioans engaged and interested in Japan. It is one of 38 Japan-America Societies located through the United States and is a member of the National Association of Japan-America Societies.

Benjamin Pachter, Ph.D.,

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Executive Director of the Japan-America Society of Central Ohio (JASCO), where he oversees the daily activities of the society, which include language classes, cultural outreach activities, and business seminars. He also regularly engages with local educators, business and community leaders, and government officials in an effort to help create cultural understanding, improve Japanese business success, build relationships, and foster education about Japan in Central Ohio. Benjamin is also a performer and scholar of Japanese music, specializing in Japanese taiko drumming. He received his Ph.D. in ethnomusicology, serves as Assistant Director of Dublin Taiko, a student taiko group that is part of Dublin City Schools, Dublin, OH, and is present Co-Chair of the Board of Directors of the Taiko Community Alliance.

The Dragon Phoenix Wushu Team
Wushu is a modern form of traditional Chinese Kung Fu that mixes traditional techniques with modern acrobatics. The Dragon Phoenix Wushu Team at OSU has been training on campus for the past 20 years and has competed at competitions all over the country. We have members specializing in many different styles, such as open-hand forms, short and long weapons and multiple traditional forms as well. We are excited to showcase many different styles and forms of wushu at Ohayocon this year, and we hope to inspire people to take up an interest in martial arts. If you have questions, please feel free to approach us after our panels, and we will be more than happy to chat and answer any questions you may have.
Bob After Dark
Bob Anderson is the host of the podcast, “Bob After Dark.” He is a paranormal investigator, researcher, cryptid enthusiast, and comedian. Starting off as a radio talk show host, Bob’s journey has lead him to speak at conventions all over the country, explored fascinating places, and ate some of the best pizza around.
Anime Hell
Anime Hell’s human side cannot be quantified by a mere one or two people. Names? Not needed! Just as the show’s content changes from convention to convention so do its hosts and producers, ever shrouded in mystery and darkness. But maybe it’s because the lights are off in the room. Yes. That’s it.
An Ohayocon nighttime mainstay returns for another metric buttload of weirdness and hilarity: see old faves and new things with the crowd! Anime Hell is a collection of carelessly–errrr–CAREFULLY cultivated video clips processed for your pleasure. (May contain less than 10% actual anime)
Jennifer Barnes
Jennifer L. Barnes was raised with wolves by a crazy, Native American biologist and a bibliophile mother. With a love of 80s action and horror movies, it’s not really a huge surprise that she writes about a gun-toting vampire heroine who solves all her problems the American Way. She has been published internationally in almost a dozen different anthologies and her first novel, “Law Unto Herself: The Stolen” was released in September of 2021 by publisher Private Dragon. She currently lives in Southern Indiana with her nerdy husband and their cat Matti (Her Highness, the Princess Pudgemuffin). When she isn’t writing, she’s generally playing D&D with her husband and their friends on Sunday afternoons, watching some odd documentary or has her nose stuck in a book.
So You Think You Can Fanon
So You Think You Can Fanon is a group of friends who banded together to host the fandom- and fiction-centric podcast of the same name. We cover all sorts of fan work and even discuss some of our own thoughts on writing certain topics. What started as just bad fanfiction reading blossomed into a diverse range of both education and hilarity. Whether it’s making you laugh with our unique sense of humor or breaking your brain as we deconstruct your favorite piece of fiction, you truly never know what you’ll get when you come to one of our panels.
Convention Foam Fighting
Convention Foam Fighting is a boffer (foam) weapon entertainment group dedicated to bringing the thrill of boffer-weapon fighting to anyone and everyone interested in participating. We are an all-ages event for people of all skill levels, prioritizing safety, training and fun. All the necessary equipment for participants is provided so you can jump right in and play!