There are a special few panelists each year that get to be a part of our Featured Panelists! Panels that catch our eyes as especially popular, well executed, or just generally fantastically informative are invited to share the spotlight and be recognized for their quality panels! This year, we are proud to announce the following Panelists to be featured!


O’Nite VibesComing from our very own Central Ohio is a cover dance group that has been blowing up local circuits with performances that leave O'Nite Vibes Logoaudiences cheering for more! Comprised of Dru, Nick, Mason, Arin, Morgan, Diane, Sierra, Fannie, Lily, and Cindy, O’Nite Vibes creates unique and creative routines to entertain and wow, winning several competitions at conventions including Tekkocon and Ohayocon, but you might recognize them from performing at last year’s closing ceremonies!

On top of this all, they will be bringing a breadth of Korean Culture knowledge to our halls, including a workshop for KPop and JPop dance challenges, a Korean Language workshop for beginners, and a look into Korean Beauty and Fashion and how to integrate it into your life! We look forward to seeing them perform in our halls and rooms once again and we’re sure you’ll be as invigorated as we are by their infectious energy! They will be using their combined experience to run Ohayocon’s Dance Competition for both Solo and Group performers, which you can enter by going to this link!

Featured Panels:

  • K-Beauty with O’Nite Vibes: Friday @ 6pm, Panel Room 4 (Workshop)
    • From fashion blogs and magazines, to YouTube tutorials, to the catwalk itself, Korea has a hold on the world with their style and fashion. Have you ever wanted to integrate Korean style into your daily beauty routine? Delve with us into techniques, skincare, and cosmetics popular in Korean fashion and how you can seamlessly merge it into your life.
  • Korean Game Show Challenges! Friday @ 9:30pm, Panel 12 (Movement)
    • Korean Game Show challenges and some surprise speed games inspired by running man and other cultural games from Korea (whisper challenge, yut!, drawing relay, etc.) No need to be exceptional, we’re all just a community of silly goofballs looking to have fun!
  • Ohayocon Dance Competition 2020: Saturday @ 1pm, Panel 2
    • Come watch our talented competitors bring their skill and passion as they battle it out on stage in our Kpop/Jpop dancing competition! Featuring amazing guest performances, fantastic MC’s, solo and group Competitions, and great fun!
  • Learn Korean with O’Nite Vibes: Saturday @ 4pm, Panel 4 (Workshop)
    • Ever want to watch your K-Drama without the subtitles? Or impress your friends with a new language? Come sit with O’Nite Vibes and take a crash course on how to speak Korean, lead by native speaker, Harry Oppa!
  • The KPop Vibe Challenge: Sunday @ 1pm, Panel 12 (Movement)
    • Challenge yourself and your friends by doing your favorite Kpop/Jpop dances with a….. twist. We’re adding more fun and giving twists to kpop dancing by adding challenges and songs that the crowd wants to dance to. Open to all fun-loving and goofy-spirited people!



Kick-Punch-QWOP is an American paneling octet which began as a trio. The group has been entertaining fans at Ohayocon (and various other conventions) for eleven years, presenting panels often to standing-room-only crowds. They are best known for the Ohayocon Game Show and The Weirdest Games You’ve Never Played. None of them have ever been arrested. The group had 3 consecutive Platinum albums along with 6 top 10 hit songs on the Billboard Hot 100 during the 1990s including “Just Kickin’ It”, “Who Can I Run To”, “The Arms of the One Who Loves You”, and “My Little Secret” [citation needed].


Featured Panels:

  • The Weirdest Games You’ve Never Played Pt. 10: The Man Is Non-QWOP: Friday @ 9pm, Panel 3
    • Are they always good? No. Are they always weird? Absolutely. Come take a look at some of the most bizarre titles in video gaming history. From the NES to the modern-day PC, we’ll be uncovering some games that you can talk about at dinner parties with people to impress them. As always, 100% new content every year!
  • Metagame 2020: Jackpot Striker: Saturday @ 11:30am, Panel 6
    • Which game had a better soundtrack, Jet Set Radio or SSX3? Which game made you feel more in control, Kingdom Hearts or Madden 2015? Which game is simply superior, Chrono Trigger or Gears of War? Join us this weekend as we answer all these questions and more at The Metagame! The first/last/only/best video game debate panel arrives to Ohayocon and our hosts are ready to settle schoolyard disputes as they go toe to toe in a game, ABOUT games. With a limited pool of titles our competitors must select a title that best answers a particular question, and then they are given two to support their answer through debate, an impassioned speech, and even one time, interpretive dance. After our pros settle the score the audience will be invited to go head to head with our hosts, or each other! Don’t just have opinions about games, be proven right in front of an entire audience!
  • QWOPWatch: Mortal Kombat: Saturday @ 430pm, Panel 11
    • QWOPWatch: Where we discuss how garbage gets made. This year: the 1995 secret shame of Christopher Lambert. Violence? For children?! It’s more likely than you think! As one reviewer described it: “If the movie Mortal Kombat were a character in a Mortal Kombat video game, its special maneuver would be to climb on its opponent’s shoulders and defecate on his head.” Gross!
  • The Ohayocon Game Show! 2020 Qualification Quiz: Saturday @ 230pm, Panel 4 (Workshop)
    • If you‘re interested in being on the Ohayocon Game Show later this evening, come take the qualification quiz. It’ll take five or ten , so visit anytime during this hour to fill one out.
  • The Ohayocon Game Show! 2020: Saturday @ 7pm, Panel 2
    • You know it! You tolerate it! It’s the Ohayocon Game Show! Back for another year, we aim to entertain, titillate, and befuddle as we always do. Half You Don’t Know Jack, half Jeopardy!, and half remedial math tutoring classes, the Ohayocon Game Show is an insane mix of questions that span the anime’s past, present…and future?! (No.) If you’re interested in playing the game show, be sure to fill out a quiz earlier in the day to see if you qualify! But hey, even the audience can win prizes, so if you didn’t qualify, stick around! This is the Game Show’s FINAL YEAR, so get while the gettin’s good!
  • Tier List: Cry About It: Saturday @ 930pm, Panel 13
    • The Best Video Game Of All Time. All caps. That’s a big question, right? Final Fantasy? Chrono Trigger? Tetris? Mario? Through a game modeled after Stephen Totilo’s “Canon Fodder,” Kick-Punch-Qwop is going to attempt to figure out what the winner is. Both the audience and some big names in the anime and video game worlds will get to change the course of history as they debate and discuss the relative merits of specific titles. Be prepared to argue and throw tomatoes.
  • Critical Hits: Your Favorite Video Game Sucks: Extra Spicy Edition (18+): Saturday @11pm, Panel 13
    • Ohayocon, prepare thyself! The sacred video game barbecue makes its buckeye state debut in 2020. Make sure you put the kids to bed early as Kick-Punch-QWOP rip apart your favorite video games with vicious invective and ruthless efficiency.
  • Try This On: Season 2: Sunday @ 1pm, Panel 3
    • Your friendly stylists at Kick-Punch-QWOP analyze the hit anime of the moment and advise you to try on something new. So you like Attack on Titan: what other anime would be up your alley? You enjoy Yuri on Ice: what American shows would you like? You enjoy Space Brothers: which Smash Brothers character should you start with? One Punch Man is your jam: which piece of IKEA furniture needs to be in your living room? Come ready to take some notes and try a new thing on!



Fiaura The Tank Girl – Fiaura the Tank Girl is an Analyst of Fandoms. She is NOT a Critic! She looks at things from a scientific perspective! From the practically of a Gundam and our ability to build one, to how Pinkie Pie functions, to Why Bronies exist, To The thickness of armor on a Warhammer 40K Baneblade; she has done the research, taking the courses, asked the professors, and read the articles to do all the Math to come to a solution! Furthermore, she is the Writer of Fallout: Equestria – Dead Tree. The First Fallout: Equestria book to be entered into the Library of Congress! Come see the madness and science behind your favorite show or lean in to see just what cute pastel ponies do to make Nuclear weapons!


Featured Panels:

  • The Physics of a Hero Quirk – My Hero Academia Physics: Friday @ 3:30pm, Panel 14
    • Important question: How does Deku work? How can someone create explosions with their bare hands biologically? What exactly is that gunk being thrown around? All these questions are important to not only ask but figure out! Let’s take a look at the physics and biology of Heroes in My Hero Academia.
  • Fallout: Equestria – The Fandom That Shouldn’t Exist!: Friday @ 6pm, Panel 8
    • How does this work? Cute adorable pastel ponies shooting each other with land mines, nuclear weapons, and shotguns? What has caused this fandom to outlast the very show (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) and ignore the backlash of Fallout 76 to be something fans keep making content for and coming back for me? Fiaura has the analysis; let’s dive in!
  • The Why of Tentacle Porn (18+): Friday @ 11pm, Panel 7
    • Dear Japan, WHY!? How long has this been going on? Okay, ya know what, we’re just gonna do some extensive research. It’s a lot worse and better than you thought; at the same time. Let’s take a look at the reason why Tentacle Porn Exists.
  • Heavy Metal Adulting – The Psychology of Aggretsuko: Saturday @ 3pm, Panel 7
    • Aggretsuko exploded into the world last year and honestly there are some very important questions here. We, as adults, have forgotten how to properly deal with our daily lives and Retsuko teaches us some very important lessons. So, How Do you Adult again? With Heavy Metal.
  • How Much Blood is in an Anime Character?: Saturday @ 5:30pm, Panel 13
    • How much blood is in an anime character? We see fountains of gore when they are stabbed, decapitated, or shot but this is an important question that must be solved and we’re going to use the bloodiest anime I’ve ever seen. Get ready for blood, guts, and gore mixed with physics from Hellsing: Ultimate.
  • Your Tamagotchi Complex – Adulting Tips from My Roomate is a Cat: Sunday @ 2:30pm, Panel 7
    • Can a cat teach you how to adult better? Can the psychology of a pet actually show us how our pets think? Well there is an anime for that and we’re going to examine just what are the psychological checks and balances going between Your Cat and You, in an ANIME form of course.



Japan-America Society of Central Ohio (JASCO) – The Japan America Society of Central Ohio (JASCO) is the premiere organization for deepening understanding of and appreciation for Ohio’s Japanese and American cultures. Lives are changed for the better and businesses succeed when meaningful cross-cultural relationships are intentionally cultivated. Located centrally in the capital city of Ohio, Columbus, JASCO provides the gateway for connecting people and fostering friendships among those who are interested in the Japanese culture. By working collaboratively and leveraging relationships with state-level leaders, JASCO serves as a catalyst for helping Japanese-owned businesses succeed. JASCO is hosting a series of Expert Panels lead by Doctorates, Professors, Travel Experts, and Master Musicians on the topics that they are passionate about! Lead their Executive Director, Benjamin Pachter, Ph.D in Ethnomusicology, Assistant Director of Dublin Taiko, and member of the Board of Directors of the Taiko Community Alliance, JASCO is proud to host the following Panelists and Groups:


  • Columbus Koto Ensemble: Since 2014, The Columbus Koto Ensemble has brought a taste of Japan to our audiences through the Koto, the national instrument of Japan. The Koto is similar to a Western harp or dulcimer. Our aim is to show the diversity and versatility of the Koto. Our repertoire includes a wide range of music, from traditional works, mesmerizing modern compositions, and innovative cover songs of rock, pop, and anime favorites. The Columbus Koto Ensemble is Julie A. Palmer, Jessica Entis, and Lori Fannin, with special guest Lisa Reaves.
    • Japanese Koto Music Performance: Friday @ 4:30pm, Panel 3
      • Take a break from the hustle and bustle of con life. The Columbus Koto Ensemble will perform beautiful and relaxing tunes on the Japanese Koto, similar to a harp or a dulcimer. This year’s performance will feature songs by famous Japanese Koto composer, Sawai Tadao and Sawai Hikaru, and a gorgeously complex take on the well-know folk song, Sakura Sakura. This panel includes Q&A about the Koto and Japanese music.
    • Let’s Sing Enka!: Friday @ 730pm, Panel 4
      • Do you like cheesy love songs, catchy tunes, and Japanese history? This panel is for you! Learn all about Japanese Enka music. Enka is sentimental and nostalgic songs, especially popular in the first part of the 20th century. We’ll take you from the Showa era to the Jazz age, the crooners of 1950’s post-war Japan, and introduce you to a modern-day singer who’s carrying on the tradition. Join us at the end for a live sing-a-long to a Enka song that made it to the top of the charts in the USA.
    • Traditional Sounds: Koto Workshop w/ the Columbus Koto Ensemble: Saturday @ 5:30pm, Panel 4
      • Come learn about the Koto, the national instrument of Japan from the local experts! Learn about Japanese music, Koto traditions, music theory, and personal stories of living, working, and learning in Japan, and try out the Koto for yourself with the ensemble!
  • IACE Travel specializes in air tickets to Japan, Japan Rail Passes, and hotel and tour bookings. Since 1970, they have been helping vacationers, school trip groups, as well as business travelers. There are 18 branches nationwide. They are open 24/7 and their professional travel agents are happy to arrange your trip to Japan with discounted airfares and tour packages.
  • Nissin Travel Service is a full-service agency best known for their domestic and US-Japan travel expertise.  Corporations, government offices, schools, and individuals depend on their knowledgeable staff and global network to offer support through every step of their journey.  Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, they’re here to provide professional insight and resources to help you get the most out of your next trip to Japan.
    • Traveling to Japan: Insights from Travel Professionals: Friday @ 3pm, Panel 6
      • This panel will present insights into traveling to Japan by Keisuke Nishitani and Haruka Takabayashi from IACE Travel and Samantha Johnson from Nissin Travel Service, two Japanese travel agencies based in Dublin, OH. Learn about how to prepare for a visit, cultural changes to be aware of, and unique experiences that you couldn’t know about without talking to someone with tons of experience there.
  • Lydia Snyder is an instructor at Kent State University where she completed her master’s degree in Ethnomusicology in May of 2019. She studied Shakuhachi under Micheal Chikuzen Gould and Christopher Yohmei Blasdel, participated in the 2017 Seiha’gaku-Kai summer school in Tokyo, and the 2018 World Shakuhachi Festival in London.
    • Exploring Japanese Instruments!: Sunday @ Noon, Panel 5
      • Come see, hear, and learn about traditional Japanese instruments you know and love and some you’ve never heard of before! Join us as we explore wind, string, and percussion instruments like the Shakuhachi, Koto, and Taiko, including live demonstrations by members the Columbus Koto Ensemble!
  • Laura Renz graduated from the University of Findlay with a degree in Japanese, worked in Japan for two years teaching English, and obtained her Master’s degree in Japanese Pedagogy from The Ohio State University. She has been working at Mirai InterCultural teaching English and Japanese since 2014.
    • Learning Japanese Through Pop Culture: Saturday @ 7pm, Panel 6
      • Come get a basic introduction to the Japanese language, as seen through pop culture! Learn basic greetings, as well as writing fundamentals, using examples drawn from manga and anime.
  • The Japanese Studies Librarian at OSU, Ann Marie Davis helps to build and promote the world-class manga collection at Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum. Before becoming a librarian, she earned her PhD in modern Japanese History, which has led to her passion for rare and historic Japanese manga!
  • Kapil Vasudev is the Education Librarian at OSU. In his career in public and academic libraries, he has frequently used comics and manga as a teaching tool. He is interested in examining the use and value of comics and manga in literacy education.
  • Kay K. Clopton is a resident librarian at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum at OSU. She earned a doctorate studying sound effects in manga and comics, and is researching the possible connections with manga’s sound effects and synesthesia.
    • Culture Curation: An introduction to the OSU Manga Collection: Saturday @ 1130am, Panel 11
      • Did you know that The Ohio State University has the largest manga collection in the world outside of Japan? Learn about the more than 20,000 volumes in OSU’s collection, including current popular manga serials, academic manga journals, and rare and historical manga. Participate in the interactive Q and A, as well as listen to what the Collection has in store for the future!


Teatime with Deadpool -The Merc with a Mouth is back at Ohayocon to to pack out more of our Ballroom! He handed us his introduction on the back of a wadded up receipt from Joanne’s and asked us to post it for, as he put it, ‘dramatic effect.”

“In a world. In the not so distant future. Humanity is ripped apart. There stands one m…..

Wait wait wait wait… are we REALLY doing this!? No, let’s take it from the top! My name is Wade Wilson. Sure I got struck with Cancer that keeps fighting my regeneration so my body and mind are W A A A Y off track, but you know what both love and need? Teaaaaaaaaa. And that’s just what we’re serving and spilling! Tea time with Deadpool makes its return to the lovely Ohayocon for another year of shenanigans, tea, and further Wolverine embarrassment! We’ll see you at 7PM. And remember. Pinkies out!”


Featured Panel:

  • Tea Time With DeadpoolSaturday @ 7pm, Panel 1
    • “Ohayocon…on your left” the year is 2020, and Hulks reversing snap has brought back the panel your mother warns you about! Come join a night of shenanigans hosted by your favorite nerd with the mouth, me! Deadpool!



Anime Hell – From its humble beginnings as a room party at Atlanta-area conventions, Anime Hell has grown to be a room-filling event for hundreds at a time at conventions across the country, and even into Canada! Produced and hosted by several mortals worthy enough to survive compilation of these video morsels into crowd-pleasing(?) extravaganzas, no two shows are ever completely the same, and even have their own regional flavors. Presenting Anime Hell at Ohayocon for what feels like the fiftieth time (it’s really been since 2003) are Jeff “Rich Lather” Tatarek and Ryan “Gavv” Gavigan, returning for three shows: one chock full of classic clips, the other stuffed with as much new high weirdness as the world can belch forth, and the last being an adventure into what kind of kinky and awful sounds the human brain can identify. (please note: Anime Hell may contain less than 100% actual anime. Deal with it)


Featured Panels:

  • What The (Anime) Hell Did I Just Hear? (18+)Friday @ 9pm, Panel 2
    • Squelches, moans, tortured words, and more are common in anime, but some are famous for being unique. But can you guess the source of the sound? Find out in this audience participation game show format panel. No prizes, big fun!
  • Anime Hell Classics (18+): Friday @ 10:30pm, Panel 2
    • Join us again as we wallow in a giant vat of favorite video clips from past Anime Hell events. Veteran attendee? Feel the waves of nostalgia wash over your mental scars. Newbie? Oh ho ho, come see what the fuss is about!
  • Anime Hell (18+): Saturday 11pm, Panel 3
    • Don’t watch that, watch this! Approaching its twentieth year at Ohayocon, we’re back with another metric buttload haul of crazy-go-nuts video clips for your pleasure and pain. If that bothers you… (you know what comes next!)