Alexander Polinsky Industry Speaker

Alexander Polinsky is an established actor and voice actor. Alex has been acting since the age of 9 in stage productions, leading up to his television debut in “Charles in Charge” in 1989, where he appeared on over 100 episodes.

Alex has been acting for over 35 years. Currently, he appears in “Teen Titans Go!” (Cartoon Network), “Lost In Oz” (Amazon), “Baby Shark” (Nickelodeon), “DC Superhero Girls” (Cartoon Network) and as the role of Darington on six seasons of “Blaze and the Monster Machines” (Nickelodeon). Recently, Alex had a role in the feature film “Teen Titans Go! To the Movies” as his character, Control Freak.

In addition to his voiceover credits, Alex has starred in horror flick “Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings” and World War II era drama, “Saints and Soldiers.” His acting career has also led him to other exciting endeavors as a mold maker, making movie-prop collectibles, such as replicas of the mask worn by Jim Carrey in The Mask and collectibles from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. Outside of acting, Alex is also a musician and performer, having had several chart-topping House tracks under his music alias Alexander Sky.

Alex is also the founder of the open source philosophy of Avatarism, a game of conscious character creation. Look for Alex at festivals, speaking about how anyone can empower themselves to create and live the highest vision of their life through embodying worthy characters, upleveling their skill sets and upholding others on the path.