Amanda Winn Lee
Industry Speaker
Mom, Voice Actor, Scribe

Amanda Winn Lee used to have a very active career doing voice over in anime, but now she mainly just enjoys hanging out with her kid.

(Though she and her husband just released an online web
series called “A Mom’s Guide to Cannabis,” so look for it on her
YouTube channel!
) Most notably she voiced Rei in Evangelion,
Momiji in Blue Seed, Rally Vincent in Gunsmith Cats, Yohko in
Devil Hunter Yohko Mimiru in .hack//sign, Pandy in Dead Leaves,
Nancy in the Read or Die OVA, and a bunch of others. She also
wrote ADR scripts and did some directing, most notably for the
first round of Evangelion movies, but with the aid of a talented
therapist was able to break this self-destructive cycle. Her dream of
living in artistic obscurity keeps suffering setbacks as she
continues to get work in both the anime and the video game
industry. Voicing Yukiko Amagi in Persona 4 franchise, Ichiko
Ohya in P5, and Magnolia Arch in Bravely Second are amongst her
latest crimes against humanity. Now she is adding “scribe” to her
dubious list of achievements, which also includes Fount of Useless
Information and General Pain in the Butt. You can check out how
her twisted little mind works and read her story “Something
Special” in the Summer Issue (Issue 5) of the Sky Island Journal
( Her book The Noodle Chronicles:
Everything I Know About Cheating Death I Learned From My Kid
is available through the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites,
and all proceeds are donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma
Society. Her goals are to revel in her status as an anime has-been
and to achieve MILFdom. She shares the house with the
unbelievably sexy Jason Lee, their son, two ridiculous dogs, a cat,
a bearded dragon, and a 70 lb. tortoise named “Methuselah.”