Mika Kobayashi Header Image

“Born in Hiroshima prefecture.

  • Begins playing the piano at 5 and starts writing songs at 18 years old.
  • At 22 she wins the Grand Prix at a vocal audition with more than 1000 participants.
  • At 25 she finally starts singing to her own accompaniment.
  • At 26 years old her first CD is published with her great excitement.

Follows a great number of live concerts all over the city of Tokyo which she continues leading steadily with passion, while expanding her activity as a musician also participating in major projects (as theme songs for Animes or TV series), she also collaborates in different type of projects, as for example as supervisor of the “Kaiseki series” (stage plays featuring also her music); and every time her shows attract more and more visitors.

She comes to be highly evaluated as singer and therefore she features in some soundtrack as vocal. (Animes: Attack on Titan, Gundam UC, Guilty Crown, Ao no Exorcist, Sengoku Basara. TV Series: Team Medical Dragon 3. Movie: BOX!, Platinum Date etc.)

At 32 years old she successfully holds solo live abroad, being able to carry out an European Tour every year. (Keeping as focal point Florence, in Italy, she moves to Poland, Spain etc.) The theatre performances featuring Samurai Sword Artists Kamui, being held in various countries, constantly receive standing ovations from the full houses. She also participates as guest in Kamui solo performance, as in the one hold at “Blue Note”, a famous Jazz Palace of Poland.

At present, still focusing her live activity in live houses all over Tokyo, she also tours in various regions of Japan and holds one man live in various locations, counting in one year more than 1000 lives, pushing forward her peculiar freelance singer-songwriter activity through the thorny path.”