You may know know comedian and noted homosexual Justin Nordell from his work at Funimation on some of your favorite shows.

Justin wowed audiences right out of the gate as Male C in Shuffle before moving on to roles in One Piece, Soul Eater, Dragonball Z Kai, Kenichi, Shin Chan, and everyone’s favorite gay ninja show Nabari no Ou. As an ADR Director, Justin put his stamp on Spice and Wolf, Tower of Druaga, Initial D, and the hilarious Sgt. Frog. And his dub scriptwork for D.Gray-man, Strike Witches, Bamboo Blade, DBZ Kai, Master of Martial Hearts, and the wildly underrated Sands of Destruction? Iconic.

But MOST LIKELY you know Justin from right here at Ohayocon and his many years of being a chaosfactory™? at the Ohayocon Roast. Come say hi to Justin all weekend long at the con, @jnordell on Twitter, @mogwai47 on Instagram, or in the green dumpster on the left behind the Hyatt Regency Columbus he calls home. Because he is garbage. Human garbage.