Hello everyone and welcome to September! We’re excited to give you all a number of updates!

We are proud to announce our official new logo!

Did you know there are Cherry Blossoms that bloom in the wintertime? This modern design symbolizes traditional Japanese culture and the spirit of rebirth — just like Ohayocon, your signifier of a whole new year of convention fun! Join us as we embrace this exciting change and look forward to 2024 and beyond!

Ohayocon 24 Guest Announcements!

Check out our newly announced fan guestsvoice actors and industry speakers who will be attending Ohayocon 24!

Indie Gaming Showcase Applications are Open!

If you’re interested in applying, please visit our Indie Gaming Showcase Exhibitor page for more information.

Upcoming Deadlines:

Panel applications close 10/31/23 — apply here

New Volunteer Applications close 12/31/23 — apply here