Now headlining… you!

It wouldn’t be Ohayocon without our signature events! These are fan-favorite staples that you can’t miss.

Covid considerations

We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation and will make adjustments to our signature event availability as things change.

K-pop/J-pop Dance Competition
Watch dance groups and soloists impress the judges with their moves! Participants will record dance routines between two and four minutes, and be judged across four criteria: energy, entertainment value, precision, and expression.

Applications are available now and due October 14th.

Cosplay Expo
The main cosplay event! Watch our contestants show off costumes and performances and see who will be crowned winners. If you would like to participate, you can learn more about it on the Cosplay Expo page.

Pajama Jam
A low key event for who seek to escape the world of adulting. Make new friends and listen to chill music. Pajamas or Kigurumi encoraged.
Scavenger Hunt
Get ready to hunt! Sign up on Friday or Saturday (teams of up to three (3) people) to acquire your checklist! The first to complete the hunt will earn some awesome prizes! This is a picture-based game which requires one team member have a smart phone. A list of rules and details will be available at sign ups.
Bad Dad Jokes Contest
Are you the King of Bad Dad Jokes? Do you make everyone groan with your encyclopedic knowledge of Popsicle Stick quality zingers? Come and put your skills to the test! Battle, one on one, with other Dad Joke connoisseurs! If you are crowned the winner you will leave with a prize truly fit for a comedic genius of your stature and the title of Bad Dad Joke King!
Fantasy Ball

A room of swirling gowns and quick feet; the Formal Ball is your chance to sweep your partner away in a night of classical ballroom dancing. Timeless music and dashing outfits will make this event one to remember. Proper formal attire is required! There are lessons earlier in the day if you want to learn proper dances but not required.

Digital Eden Entertainment will be returning to Ohayocon.
International Volume Dance

Grab your glow-sticks and dance your heart out at this years Ohayocon Dance! Featuring Riku Namako, DJ4x, DJ Audeo & Mesmerist.
Accessibility Notice: Photosensitivity warning- Flashing Lights.