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Share your passion!

Are you an expert geek? A notorious nerd? Become an Ohayocon Panelist!
What is a panelist? Panelists provide a wide variety of programming for attendees. As a panelist, you get to share your interests, enthusiasm, and expertise with others. You can give an informative presentation, host an interactive event, or help others learn a new skill by putting on a workshop.
Have you ever watched a panel and thought “I could do that!” Do you have an interesting topic or activity you’ve been dying to discuss/try out? Now is the time to try your hand at paneling!

What are Ohayocon attendees interested in?

The best thing about Ohayocon is the expansive community it offers. Attendees run the gambit from young to old, seasoned fans to enthusiastic newcomers. We have gamers, artists, Japanese culture fans, fashion aficionados, and everything else you could imagine.
Our feedback lets us know what attendees find most important. Entertainment panels should aim to make their sides split with laughter; educational panels should strive to dive deep and explore advanced subjects; fandom panels are best when they encourage discussion and build community; and attendees love when panels are more interactive.
We welcome both Eastern and Western subjects, but anime, gaming, and Japanese culture will always be at the heart of our schedule.

What subjects are Ohayocon looking for?

We want our attendees to have the best time possible. We are constantly on the lookout for new and/or unique content. However, there is something to be said about comfort content. Sometimes the old adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” rings true. Below are a few categories we are particularly interested in this year:

  • Japanese History & Culture
  • Movement Panels
  • Educational Programming
  • Anime Content

These are not the only panel subjects we’re accepting of course! So, don’t be discouraged if your panel falls outside of these categories. You never know if you’ll succeed if you don’t try.

What’s the application process like?

Submit your application to us by October 31st, 2023. The panel review team will judge panel submissions and send out initial confirmation emails. All other, non-disqualified, panels will be placed on the wait list. For more information check out our FAQ and Panelist Rules & regulations.


Panelist for Ohayocon will receive a panelist badge to the event in exchange for their services. Panel groups may qualify for up to 4 free badges. For details check out our FAQ.

What should panelists expect at the con?

Accepted panelists will receive specific details about panelist check-in and other aspect of being an Ohayocon panelist before the con. You will go directly to panelist check-in to pick up your badges.

A list of our Panelist Rules and Regulations can be found HERE

If you have any questions, please email us at panels@ohayocon.org.