Rules & Regulations

Age Restriction
All Panelists must be 18 years or older on or before the first day of Ohayocon 2023. (January 19th 2023)
Non-Discrimination Policy
Do not discriminate against attendees on the basis of Age, Race, Sex, Gender, Disability, Sexuality, Religion, or other any other identity (ex. fandom affiliation)
Discrimination may include but is not limited to: bullying, unwarranted exclusion from your panel, engaging in hate speech, use of purposefully inflammatory language or audience heckling
Attendees have an assumed right to body autonomy. Violating that right is harassment. This means:
Do touch attendees without explicit consent
Do not apply make-up to attendees or have an attendee apply makeup on themselves
Do not use attendees for any sort of demonstration. You must use a registered panelist for all demonstrations
Do not physically bar attendees from exiting a panel
Giveaway Rules
Selling products without proper prior approvals and licensure is grounds for immediate expulsion from the convention
Food and Beverage
You may give away prepackaged foods and beverages
Homemade foods or beverages are not permitted as giveaways
You may not sell any food or beverage
Do not throw or otherwise use giveaways as projectiles
Material giveaways (Toys, Gift Cards, Promotional Items, etc.)
Must be appropriate (no 18+ materials in all ages/15+ panels)
As a panelist you may not sell items (at, before, or after your panel)
You may briefly promote your booth if you are approved to vend at the convention
Do not throw or otherwise use giveaways as projectiles
Service giveaways
Require prior approval
Use of Facility (Your panel room)
Room Layouts:
Panel rooms have three distinct layouts
Theater Style (Traditional Panel) – rows of chairs facing the front panelist table with projector(s)
Movement – no chairs, panelist table at front only
Workshop – chairs and tables set up for attendees use. These rooms are smaller by nature. (Please note: Ohayocon does not typically provide workshop materials. For more information refer to the FAQ)
Panel Room Rules:
Do not rearrange the room (chairs, tables, etc.)
Do not drop microphones
Do not stand on chairs
Do not throw items into audience
You will be fined for any destruction of property that occurs as a result of your panel
All special requests/layouts/technology must be approved prior to the convention
Internet is not provided by the convention
18+ Panel doors must remain closed during the panel
Ohayocon reserves the right to make last-minute adjustments to the schedule. Staff will notify panelists, via email, if their panel time or location is altered after the convention begins. Be aware that the schedule is not finalized until the start of the convention and panel times and locations may change.
If Ohayocon must cancel a panel, the panel will be placed at the top of the panel wait-list. The panelist will still receive compensation.
Approved panelists will receive a complimentary badge for the event.
Up to four panelists per group can qualify for a badge. Restrictions apply.
At the time of acceptance Panel’s staff will convey the number of badges you are qualified to receive.
If a panel submission is affected by a restriction, they will be notified upon acceptance.
All panelists for the group must be listed in the application. Additions post application approval will not qualify for a badge. Alterations to group line up are up to the discretion of the panel’s staff.
Any panels not completed may result in the forfeit of badges.
Panelist badge pick-up is separate from registration. Pick up and check in instructions are sent to the panelist prior to the convention.
If you are accepted off the wait-list and have already purchased a badge you will be awarded a badge for 2024.
Ohayocon, the Columbus Convention Center, nor any of their representatives are responsible for any injury, loss or damage that may occur to the panelist’s property. Ohayocon shall not be liable for failure to perform its obligations under this contract as a result of strikes, riots, acts of God, or any other cause not within the control of the convention.
Ohayocon reserves the right to revoke this contract or any agreement in the event the Panelist is found to be in breach of contract. Actions taken after revoking a contract may include:
-Immediate halting of current panel and canceling of any subsequent panels
-Removal, confiscation, and/or voiding of Panelist badge(s)
-Ban of Panelist from any Ohayocon sponsored event
-Pursuit of legal action as allowed by law