The Dealers Room application is available! The deadline is Sept. 1, 2019 for priority consideration.

Welcome to the Dealers Room page. Ohayocon 2019 is pleased to announce that we will have an entire room filled with merchandise… in particular Anime, Manga, Art, Plushies, DVDs, CDs, Figures and a billion other accessories for every otaku. Come check out the Dealer’s Room and buy all your anime desires at the convention.

Dealers Room Hours

Friday, Jan. 11, 2019 ~ 2pm-8pm
Saturday, Jan. 12, 2019 ~ 10am-6pm
Sunday, Jan 13, 2019 ~ 10am-4pm
*30 minutes prior to public hours each day there will be an optional shopping time for attendees who have registered with our Accessibility Services Department.

Ohayocon Swag

Location and information about the official Ohayocon Merch booth will be updated as information becomes available

Ohayocon 2019 Dealers List

View accessible version.

Aardvark Tees  Akiba Arcade  Anime Depot  Anime Palace  Anime Pavilion  Anime Pop Shop  Anime Sekai  Asylum Anime  Best Anime Shop  Black Knight Comics  Bowendragon1  Capital City Comics  Cartoon Passion  Collectors Universe and Anime  Crimson Chain Leatherworks  Discotek Media  168 Dragons Trading  Eagle Anime  Equilibrium USG  Dragonsong Forge  Fast Food Anime  Foam Brain Games  Geeky Endeavors  Glitch Gear  Hen Da Ne!  Holy Cow Anime  Image Anime  IT Cosplay  Kpoppin USA  Media Blasters  Megaroad Toys and Entertainment  HKT Import Toys  OffWorld Designs  Ohio Kimono  Otaku Joes  Pawstar  Pens and More  Rivet  Rocky Mountain Dragons  Shark Robot  Sorbet Jungle  Neko-jin Designs  The Blonde Swan  The STAR BOX  Toyslogic  Wolfhome Adventuring Outfitters  BUF’s Otaku Stop  Closet Geek  Cosplay Moo Moo  Creepy Kawaii  Detroit Leather Company  Dragon Alley Jewelry  Freak Division  Gem City Books  Inimitable Studios  Itabag Palace  KMK Designs  Lucky Squid Studios  Majime Imports  Neon Culture  OTP  Puillustrated  Purple Plum  Retro Saikou  Scoundrelles Keep  Image Anime  STL Ocarina  Tangerine Mountain  Tasty Peach Studios  Japanimals   Waifu Mart  Warrior Martial Arts  Savagesparrow Studios