Cosplayers, escape the hustle and bustle of the convention and take a moment to recoup from walking around and posing in costume all day at the Ohayocon Cosplay Lounge!

The Ohayocon Cosplay Lounge is a camera-free dedicated safe haven for cosplayers to be able to decompress, remove wigs or bulky parts of their costumes and relax. We will have tables, chairs and sectioned off cubicles for a degree of privacy if needed.

The front end of our cosplay lounge also includes our returning Cosplay Repair, where minor to moderate repairs to attendee’s costumes can be made. We will provide an assortment of craft goods for touch up and maintenance when bad things happen to perfectly good costumes.

Safety Disclaimer

The cosplay repair station will be stocked with items that, if mishandled, can cause bodily harm (scissors, needles, glues, etc). Use of these items is at the attendee’s discretion. Ohayocon does not take any responsibility for the mishandling of these items that results in injury.

Cosplay Lounge Rules

  • No cameras the cosplay lounge is a camera-free zone. That is not to say that attendees cannot take selfies or pictures of friends accompanying in the lounge, but if there is someone there that you want to get a picture of/with, wait for them to be ready and catch them in the hallways.
  • Be respectful attendees should observe the Personal Interaction Policy, as well as all other policies, outlined in the Cosplay Rules. Please do not touch other attendee’s property or costumes without permission.
  • Cosplayers +2 the cosplay lounge is a dedicated space for cosplayers only, with the exception of up to 2 additional non-cosplaying attendees per group.
    • Children accompanying adults do not count towards this limit, however will be taken in to consideration for head count overall for the room.

Cosplay Repair Rules

  • Repairs only our supplies are limited and are meant to be available for repairs throughout the duration of the convention. Please do not use the supplies to do last minute finishing touches on costumes at-con.
  • Self-Service Ohayocon is providing the Cosplay Repair as a self-service repair option for attendees. Cosplay staff may assist with requests on minor repair techniques (ie: sewing, hot glue application, etc.).
  • Designated space items provided for the Cosplay Repair must remain within the designated space that it is set up. Items may not be removed from the room for any reason for the repair of a costume piece.