The Ohayocon Public Library (OPL) is a multi-media feature room dedicated to providing manga, comics, DVDs, artbooks, audiobooks, music, and more during the Ohayocon weekend. The OPL is free for the benefit of everyone, whether they’ve purchased admission or not, and provides a laid-back, quiet environment to catch up on an old series or fall in love with something new!


Ohayocon 2020 Hours of Operation:

Thursday 8pm-1am

Friday 12pm-10pm

Saturday 10am-10pm

Sunday 10am-4pm


Makers Space

There will be a 3D Printer maker’s space in the Ohayocon Public Library this year! Come On Down and print off something awesome!

Hours of Operation:

Friday 12pm-4pm

Saturday 10am-4pm

Sunday 10am-2pm


The Library was new in 2019 and we are still underway building our inventory. To help source our materials, we are offering pre-reg discounts in exchange for donated materials. We have collections currently only in the Cincinnati area and also accept donations at other conventions where Ohayocon has a table. You’ll receive a single-use discount code that can be used to pre-reg online. Coupons are stackable, so with enough donated items you could earn a free badge and more for friends!

Donation Exchange Rate: $5 coupon code off pre-reg badge for every*

  • 10 manga
  • 10 graphic novels
  • 10 light novels
  • 10 sci-fi/fantasy books
  • 5 roleplaying guidebooks
  • 5 artbooks
  • 5 tankoban or comic compilations
  • 5 CDs (music or audiobooks)
  • 3 anime/geek DVDs

*Complete donated series that fall short of the next highest coupon increment will round up. A combination of several media types that individually may not qualify for a coupon may be credited at the discretion of the staff.

To see what’s on offer so far, please see the inventory at this link. It’s a small list; help us grow!


Pre-con donations for 2020 credit will be open until December 1st. At that time we will be finalizing our inventory for Ohayocon 20. If you’d like to donate items during Ohayocon 20, you may do so and receive credit towards a pre-registration for 2021.


Please email programming@ohayocon.org for any questions!