Stay tuned for more information on Ohayocon 20’s photoshoots.

Are you a cosplayer that wants to have their picture taken with other characters from your series of choice, or maybe a fan that wants pictures of your favorite characters? Make sure to keep an eye out for our photoshoots! These events are for fans to come together and allow other attendees/photographers not dressing up to get pictures of amazing cosplays of their favorite characters from some of their favorite series.

If you are thinking about attending a photoshoot or applying to be a Photoshoot Captain, please review the Ohayocon Photoshoot Policy.

Cosplay Photoshoot Schedule

Click Here to see the 2019 Ohayocon Photoshoot Schedule.

Photoshoot Application

Take on the role of a Shoot Captain and organize different photo ops for those attending the photoshoot!

Things to keep in mind when applying to be a Photoshoot Captain

  • Ohayocon does NOT provide photographers for Official Photoshoots. It is up to the captain to find a photographer.
  • Photoshoots are set for one (1) hour only, however may be approved for multiple days.
  • All Shoot captains, MUST create a public Facebook group OR event for their photoshoot prior to their submission and provide the link to the group/event in their application.
  • Once we have approved your application, we will contact you and update our google docs spreadsheet.
  • The application schedule will be released at a later date.
  • If you have submitted a panel for Ohayocon, please list the name of the panel so we can assist in ensuring that your panel will not be scheduled during your photoshoot.

More information on Photoshoot Captain applications will be released closer to the event.