AMV 2020

AMV contest will be replaced by an AMV showcase for Ohayocon 2020.

This Showcase will be an open viewing of AMVs, a place to watch AMVs and mingle with other creators. There will not be set categories, all submitted and approved AMVs will be shown in the same general time slot. The showcase will air on Friday and Saturday in the Ohayocon video rooms.

If you would like to have an AMV showcased at Ohayocon 2020 please send a digital copy of the AMV to by January 1st 2020. In the email please provide your name, the names of anime/games being used in the AMV, and the song title and artist. Use of Google Drive or Dropbox is preferred. MP4 format is preferred. Please include your own intro or title card for your video with any information that you wish to share.

If you are interested in having your AMV showcased at Ohayocon 2020 but have additional questions, please feel free to email for more details.



AMV CONTEST will return in 2021!

If you are interested in helping with the 2021 AMV Contest please email for more information.